The True Costs of Opening a Temporary Sports Hall

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are planning to build a multi-sport complex or just a sports hall for one sport, it is easy to predict the cost because the experts are ready to assist you. Temporary structures are now trending, and they do not involve a lot as far as building. According to experts, there are a few quick procedures that are involved. But the most interesting thing is that you can easily calculate the total cost very accurately. In this guide, we will take you through the expenses involved and how to predict them. Read on to learn more.

Deciding on the Size of the Sports Hall

The first step in determining the true cost of a sports hall is deciding on the size of the hall that your team or institution wants. But before this happens, the input from a team of professionals will be essential. Team managers, captains, fitness trainers and builders must brainstorm about this issue in depth. The main factors that determine the size of the hall include the number and types of sports, the audience and preferences. A big and complex hall will definitely be more costly than a small and simple sports hall.

Getting Quotes from Experts

Now that the experts in sports halls have been involved in determining the size of the sports hall, they should offer a professional quote with the total costs. The institution is at liberty to compare quotes from different experts and then to hold more meetings to make a decision. Remember to factor in other considerations like companies that provide value for the money rather than just picking the cheapest expert.

The Price of Different Materials

Temporary sports halls are best made of structural steel and wooden boards. However, PVC panels and fabric canvas materials are also used. When estimating the cost of materials for making sports halls, you have to know the size of the hall that you want. Construction companies do charge different amounts for various sizes of halls. It will be measured in cubic meters or any other unit used in your country. Knowing this, one of the highest costs will be revealed. But remember that different materials will impact the cost as well.

Labor Cost Calculation

Another major cost in any construction project is the labor cost. In this case, you are lucky because it only takes a few days to finish these structures and create something you will love. In some situations, the labor cost is factored into the cost of materials. This means that the company selling the temporary sports halls will install the structures for free. Therefore, you should know about this cost earlier for better planning. You will save about 40 percent compared to what you would have spent to build a permanent structure.

Other Costs Involved

Finally, other costs need to be considered as well. The major one is the cost of preparing the site. So, if the site of the temporary sports hall requires a lot of work, the cost will increase. But generally, the additional costs should not be more than 30 percent of the cost of materials.

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