Ranking The Top MLB Stadiums Around The League

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The sound of the bat cracking against a fastball, the smell of fresh roasted peanuts, there’s something about going to see a baseball game in a stadium that calls to all the senses! You could watch the game from your couch, but the experience is not the same as sitting mere feet from the action!

Baseball is still America’s favorite pastime and people flock to Major League stadiums during baseball season. In 2018, Major League Baseball stadiums saw 69,625,244 visitors over 2,415 games!

There are 30 MLB stadiums in the United States, each one with their own unique charm. Keep reading to learn which of these Major League stadiums top our list of the best baseball stadiums in America!

8. Kauffman Stadium

This stadium is the home to the Kansas City Royals and went through a major renovation in 2009, resulting in an amazing baseball field! Some of the more unique features are the royal crown on top of the scoreboard and the fountains out front.

The updated stadium is so beautiful that your eyes will be bouncing from place to place. You might even miss the game!

7. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Maryland is the location of this beautiful stadium and home to the Baltimore Orioles. It replaced the old Memorial Stadium in 1992 and was one of the first to take on the modern “retro” look.

Though this stadium is not as new as some others on our list, it was the first to embrace modern design. Because of that, it has aged like a fine wine! No rust or outdated technology in this building!

6. Dodger Stadium

This baseball field is the home to the Los Angeles Dodgers! More than taking on the Dodger name, this field also took on L.A. style! In the background of this awesome field is the San Gabriel Mountains and Elysian Park!

As the largest stadium in the league, this baseball field can pack in the fans, and there are lots of them in L.A.! The unique scoreboard design adds a unique charm to the stadium, setting it apart from all others.

5. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is one of the crowning gems if the Windy City and home of the Chicago Cubs. This park has been open since 1914 and has withstood the test of time as the city grew up around it!

Ongoing renovations ensure that this famous baseball stadium does not get left behind by the newer, more lavish stadiums. One thing they are not changing is the neighborhood community vibe surrounding Wrigley Field, making a great place to introduce kids to the wonder of Major League Baseball games!

4. Fenway Park

This iconic baseball stadium is the home of the world-famous Boston Red Sox! One of the oldest stadiums still in use, Fenway Park lacks in modern amenities, but makes up for it with classic charm and beauty!

Out in left field looms a giant green wall dubbed “The Green Monster”. Seeing a batter smash the ball, making it soar over that wall, knowing that the batter (and anyone else on the bases) is about to tag home base, gives the whole crowd a sense of exhilaration!

You don’t need betting tips from Big Al’s Sports Picks to know that the Boston Red Sox are always a contender for the world series! They have won the coveted World Series title 9 times beginning in 1903!

Come see why so many Americans from coast to coast consider themselves Red Sox fans! Check out Fenway Park next time you are in Boston!

3. Petco Park

This baseball stadium is the home of the San Diego Padres. San Diego is a stunning city and this stadium highlights that with a gorgeous skyline view to rival any in New York!

Built back in 2004, this stadium still has that new building feel! If you like a few modern amenities in your baseball park, this is the stadium you need to see!

2. PNC Park

Tucked along the Allegheny River, PNC Park gives you the waterfront view with a city skyline behind it. The best of both worlds! This gorgeous baseball park the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This Major League Baseball stadium is another one of the newer ballparks, it’s inaugural pitch crossed the plate back in 2001. As such, the designers were thorough with the traffic flow and amenities that this park has to offer.

1. AT&T Park: The King of MLB Stadiums

This waterfront stadium is the home of the San Francisco Giants and is our favorite because of the breathtaking views as you enter the park for an exciting game of baseball! Architects planned this stadium with care and finesse, making it one of the most beautiful stadium buildings in the country!

While the seaside views are jaw-dropping, the interior spaces are also beautiful with a brick aesthetic that is sure to withstand the test of time!

For the best experience, go to an afternoon/evening game so you can watch the colors of the ocean change as the sun sets behind home base! It is an experience no one should leave off their bucket list!

Let’s Play Ball!

This upcoming baseball season, if you can only visit one of these MLB stadiums, pick one from our list of top parks. Some baseball superfans try to see games in all 30 stadiums in one season!

What can you do between baseball seasons? How do you get your sports fan on all year round?

Check out our other sports blogs for other games to get stoked about outside of baseball season! From cycling to soccer, we have something for every person’s tastes!

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