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5 Advantages of Using Recurve Bows in Archery

posted by Chris Valentine

Archery is one of the oldest activities in history; it goes back to the eighteenth century B.C. Before firearms were introduced in wars, people used to depend mainly on bows to fight. They used to have bows made of different types of wood due to the availability of the materials and the ease of finding various kinds of wood. The recurve bows seem to have proven its importance since they’re still being used until this day.

So if you’re new to the archery world and want to learn more, or if you’re a professional archer, you need to know the best bow type and its advantages.

That’s why we’ve collected 5 amazing features for recurve bows.

1.    Light in Weight

For archers who would spend long hours trying to hunt, it’s inconvenient for them to carry around a heavy object on their shoulders; it will make it harder for them to shoot and to proceed with their hunting. Recurve bows seem to be lightweight, which makes any archer comfortable to carry one for a long period of time without getting tired. This is a great feature for beginners too, since they need to be focused on learning how to shoot rather than worrying about the weight of the tool. Their lightness of weight is because they’re made with a type of wood which is a lot lighter than the metal that is used for manufacturing other types of bows.

2.    Sharp Shooter

Thanks to the design of recurve bows, it’s easy to aim at targets and shoot accurately. The shape of this bow looks like number 3, which creates a focal point to the archer and results in hitting the target easily. Due to its pattern and lightweight, people find it perfectly adequate for their hunting trips; it makes it more accessible for a hunter to aim at targets and shoot them without missing any chances.

3.    Easy Backpacking

You can’t picture yourself traveling, holding a bow in your hand or having it strapped to your back; we’re not used to seeing this in the 21st century and you’re not Robin Hood. There are different types of bows; you can find recurve bows, compound bows, crossbows, and others, but takedown recurve bows should be your first choice for easy traveling. You can easily assemble and disassemble them; you can separate them into three parts, the rise, the top, and the bottom. There are even customized bags made for holding them with their accessories.

4.    For Newbies and Experts

A beginner’s first choice of bows should be recurving bows for their feathery heft and ease of use. Since it takes hard work and nonstop practicing to become a professional archer, recurve bows facilitate that for starters; they won’t face hard mechanisms or complications using them, unlike compound bows. Recurve bows also are affordable for beginners to buy since they’re cheap compared to other types. Experts also benefit from their low prices; they don’t have to pay a fortune to use competent bows. Also, the takedown bows parts can easily be upgraded to more advanced ones, so beginners won’t have to change bows when they become more experienced.

5.    Painless Upkeep

It gets super stressful for archers when their bows go faulty because they entirely depend on them for their trips or competitions. The last thing they want is not being able to fix them easily and quickly. Recurve bows are excellent for that reason; they’re simple to fix and straightforward to disassemble if we’re talking about takedown ones. These bows are not at all troublesome compared to the compound ones; the latter demands expensive spare parts, which requires a journey to specialized bow stores to get them.

Recurve bows force their users to fully concentrate while using them since they demand the archer to be close to the target. Some people see this as a disadvantage; however, it’s extremely important for archers, especially inexperienced ones, to enable them to reach high levels of competency. Every bow type has its advantages and disadvantages. However, recurve bows seem like the prime choice for the reasons mentioned above and for the fact that they are the standard bows for Olympic Archery, which is something that would matter a lot to those who are willing to compete there. The most important thing when buying a bow is knowing what you’re going to use it for; this way you would choose the most suitable type. However, if you already figured that a recurve bow is a suitable option for you, then you should take into account its best features.

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