Hidden Beauty of Casino Resorts around the world

posted by Chris Valentine

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most beautiful Casino Resorts around the world ... photo by CC user Someformofhuman on wikimedia commons

The casino resorts around the world have greatly evolved over the years. These are no longer considered as casino resort but are most of the time called as entertainment complex with the wide variety of things you get to do and see in these great locations. If you are a keen traveller, you will probably love to catch a glimpse of the mind blowing things at some of the most popular casino resorts around the world.

The Grand Lisboa in Macau, China, dominates the skyline from a great distance. Not many casinos around the world are majestic as this one. Measuring over 850 feet, the Grand Lisboa opened its doors back in 2007. This casino resort has over 400 guest suite, over 1,000 slot machine and more than 800 of the classic casino table games. This place is home to the biggest cushion shaped diamond on the planet. This 218 carat diamond is known as the Star of Stanley Ho. The Grand Lisboa also offers one of the world’s largest wine collection. However, the main attraction at this place remains the LED dome that produces great displays with more than a million led lights. This visually stunning attraction is also the world’s largest LED dome.

The most breathless attraction in Las Vegas is undoubted provided by the Las Vegas Stratosphere. This iconic towering structure hold the X-scream rollercoaster at the top of its roof, where guests can take a ride. This rollercoaster stands over 1,000 foot above the ground, and is one of the main attractions of the Stratosphere. Other thrill rides on top of the tallest tower of the U.S are Insanity, Sky Jump, and Big Shot, which are considered as the highest thrill rides in the world. Now you can also get a thrilling Vegas gaming experience without having to travel to Las Vegas, on the popular Magical Vegas online casino. This top mobile casino is where numerous Vegas-ised games including slots, table and cards games, scratchcards, and roulette can keep you entertained with hours without end. And to begin your journey, Magicalvegas.com is offering no deposit slots bonus of 20 free spins on top games line Starburst

The Fountain of Bellagio in Las Vegas is one of the main attraction of The Bellagio that separates the Las Vegas Strip from the resort. Since 1998, this magical fountain has astonished many guests with its superb light display and great music. From 3 to 8pm, this fountain operates every 30 mins, and then until midnight it operates every 15 minutes. The Bellagio Fountain is an 8.5 acre lake where over 1,200 spritzers shoot water up to over 400 feet in the air. Over the years music soundtracks by Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and even world known DJs have been synchronised to the displays.

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was considered as the second most expensive resort in the world when it was built, costing $5.5 billion. It has more than 2500 slot machine, and over 500 casino gaming tables, however it is not the jewel of the crown of this location. The Sky Park is the biggest attraction at the Marina Bay sands. This 500ft pool provides guests with the feeling of swimming on top of the skyline of Singapore with its superb view of 360 degree, and it also allows guests to have a great view of the Landscape of Singapore.

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