Hitting The Slopes On Your Snowboard? These Gears Are For You!

posted by Chris Valentine

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Nothing is more exhilarating than the rush of adrenaline you get when you’re racing down snowy slopes at 30 miles per hour. If you’re just a beginner, then welcome to the world of snowboarding. The exciting sport of snowboarding is what you get when you mix surfing with skateboarding. But that doesn’t mean you can just jump on a board and be set to go. You need the right gear to complement the ride.

Let’s get right into it and go over the gear you’ll need for your first day of snowboarding.


Obviously! Some boards are designed to be easy to learn on. That means they may lack some features for those who are more advanced in snowboarding, because there are several ways to snowboard. Typically, you’ll find snowboards leveled: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. When choosing a board, you want to make sure its length and width is suitable for your height and weight. Usually, the more you weigh, the longer you’d want your board. Also, the newer you are to snowboarding, the better off you’d be with a shorter model.


Working your way up, you next need a sturdy pair of boots. A good fit should feel light, but also snug around your ankles and the top of your feet. Just like your other shoes, your toes shouldn’t feel cramped, nor should you feel any pressure on the tips of toes. There’s a direct correlation between your boot size and the board size. Having a board that fits your boot size is vital for maneuvering and board control. 


The things you want to make sure of while buying a snowboard jacket is that it’s made from waterproof and breathable material. One indicator of its waterproof qualities is how the seams are sealed. Fully seam-sealed means that all the seams are sealed tightly so you can stay dry. If you’re not familiar with Gore-Tex, that’s the latest in waterproof and breathable technology for snowboarding jackets. Breathable material is important because you’ll still be sweating even though this is a winter activity.


The pants are pretty much chosen the same way the jacket is. For additional warmth, you might go for an extra pair of thermal underwear.


You’re going to fall, like a lot, and that’s a fact more than a prediction. Snow might look nice and fluffy, but it’s not a cushion for your head, so you definitely want to protect your head with a helmet.


Snow reflects a lot of sunlight, so a pair of goggles will be helpful. They’re definitely less annoying than wearing sunglasses, which could keep slipping off.  

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What’s snowboarding without a pair of gloves? Generally, mittens are warmer than gloves, but you’ll be much less adroit in them, especially when dealing with your bindings. But at the end, it’s a personal choice.  

There is always optional gear you can go for, and as you advance in the sport, you’ll be more able to judge exactly what you need. Too many newbies spend big bucks on a new sport or hobby, then find out they’re not particularly thrilled with the sport, and all the stuff they bought sits lonely in the garage or closet. So, if you’re just beginning to get into snowboarding, you should just buy the essentials, until you’re sure that this is going to be your winter activity from here on out.

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