How A Founder Can Spearhead Their Digital Marketing Efforts For Their Local Business

posted by Chris Valentine

The launching of a local business can be very exciting but this also comes with a large amount of stress for a founder. The business will be seen by those family and friends in the local community whether it is a success or a failure. The possibility of embarrassment for a founder can be enough to drive anxiety levels through the roof. The importance of digital marketing for local businesses cannot be understated with online leads helping increase overall sales. Many people in a local area utilize a business and do not look for other options unless that business has given them reason to. Getting customers in a local area can result in having a plethora of customers long-term so customer experience becomes of paramount importance. The following are tips to help a founder spearhead their digital marketing efforts for a locally-based business.

Monitor Online Reviews And Social Media Closely

Online reviews should be monitored as it can help salvage a relationship with a customer as well as look proactive about solving issues as a company. Companies that garner a mass of great reviews like that of for their expert marketing services have nothing to hide. Posting positive reviews or customer testimonials can help ease the mind of a potential customer looking to buy from the business. Social media is another place a customer can go to express their displeasure so monitor this as well. A company can help ease the anger of a customer and salvage that relationship as many people just want their grievance heard.

Local Search Engine Rankings Can Make Or Break A Small Business

The search engine rankings for a local business can make or break the business. Ranking on the 2nd page simply is not going to be sufficient as most people are not going to go passed 10 other good options to find a company in this position. Many consumers believe that Google lists companies by the highest quality rather than who has done the best job in terms of digital marketing. Keywords that include the location in anchor text with links pointing back towards the business’ website are going to push the rankings that much more.

A Good Backlink Building Strategy Should Be Put In Place

Creating backlinks is the lifeblood of digital marketing with these links being a huge factor in driving search engine rankings. The best thing a company can do is to find relevant sites to link back to the company site via a guest post or collaborative content creation effort. Many publications are willing to give one backlink to a business if the content they create is engaging as well as high quality. Taking a look at the strategy of a few competitors can help identify opportunities to build backlinks. This does not mean to use blackhat tactics due to the fact a competitor is taking this path. Avoiding blackhat techniques will allow a company to destroy a competitor using these tactics exclusively as penalties as well as the deindexing of the site are possibilities.

Finding Freelance Writers Can Help With Content Creation

The creation of quality content is both important for a company’s blog as well as offsite publications being targeted to help build backlinks via outreach/guest posting. Freelance writers can be a huge help especially if a founder is not a great writer as it can save time as well as money when compared to hiring a person full-time. The right group of freelancers can make it easy to attract traffic to the company website. Filling out the editorial calendar should be done with care keeping in mind what days and times the site experiences the largest influx of traffic.

Do Not Underestimate The Important Of Promotion Via Social Media

Social media is the perfect avenue for free promotion but it is important to promote as well as engage. Not every post should be about the company but rather relate to the company. An automotive dealership might want to talk about the different taxes imposed on car sales and the real cost of a car beyond its original price tag. Content that is created for the company blog as well as other publications needs to be shared on these accounts as well. This will help allow for the content to reach the largest audience possible with the option to promote their post for a nominal fee.

The digital marketing of a business of any size can be a full-time job so sourcing out certain tasks might be imperative. A founder is going to be busy so putting plans into place for each of these areas for others to execute is important. The founder understands what direction they want to take digital marketing even though they might need some help along the way!

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