Five Best Mobile Applications for Tracking Your Remote Employees

posted by Chris Valentine

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came into the picture, many companies have decided to allow work from home for their employees. Working from home will enable you to take better care of yourself and your employees’ health while simultaneously preventing the company’s collapse. Even though the pandemic’s impact has slowed down in some countries, it has not yet completely gone. Thus, a lot of companies that care enough for their employees are still working from home.

However, the biggest challenge that numerous companies faced as part of this remote working routine is that they had never worked in this format. Thus, they had no idea how to monitor the employees working from home. In all honesty, remote worker monitoring is imperative because when you let a worker work from afar, you still need to examine their attendance, productivity, and efficiency. This is vital to keep a tab on the late-comers and the slackers.

To help you with effective employee monitoring, we have come up with some of the best employee monitoring applications, tools, and software that you can begin using right away. Let us get started and address them one by one.


It is undoubtedly one of the best applications meant for employee monitoring. When it comes to managing and monitoring your remote employees, this app does the trick.

CloudDesk is a powerful remote employee management system. Using the app, you can check on the employees’ check-in and check-out times, staff performance, their web application usage, and the total productive hours. Further, the employees, too, can confirm their attendance on the app.

The software has a face verification system, which confirms the attendance of the employees on the desk. Further, the software provides the necessary insights to the manager. They can review the complete picture and make business decisions regarding the employees based on that.

Sarah, a manager with TAE, a website that does your homeworkshares that, ‘The entire 2020 from March onwards to today we have been working from home. In this time, the CloudDesk has been our rescue to keep a tab on our employees’ productivity levels.’

With CloudDesk, it is relatively easy to manage your remote employees and simultaneously make your business thrive. The application has several features, which makes remote employee management super-easy, and ensures that the team is productive through the working hours. With the software, you get a 14-day free trial. So, you can try out the app before switching to the premium version.


One of the best time-tracking software, Trigger is a phenomenal application, which has tables, which facilitate easy client information tracking. This application can be beneficial for someone who is in sales as you can create different categories and then manage the information accordingly. For this, you can utilize the various color grids that can help you track your remote employees easily by their name and picture. One of the best things about Trigger is that it is one of the cheaper alternatives on this list.


Another great application for tracking the productivity of your remote team is the Time Doctor. The app has all the fundamental time tracking features and makes employee monitoring effortless. Further, you can use the application to track the time an employee logs in and out of their work desk. Additionally, it is a great application to track billable hours and track all the websites they visit during work time.

Thus, one of the best things about Time-Doctor is that it is equipped with way too many features. This application can help managers manage a remote team, freelancers can track their billable hours, and entrepreneurs can check their workers’ productivity.

Ross, a manager with TFTH, a website that offers online ‘do my assignment‘ services for students, shares that, ‘At TAE, we utilize the Time-Doctor app to monitor our remote employees.’


Do you seek excellent time tracking software to record the productive hours on different activities and compare the actual performance with the estimated performance? The actiTIME is the best pick for you.

One of the phenomenal benefits of the actiTIME application is that it can help the managers review their subordinates. He can check who is working on which task or project and gauge if the assigned work is being completed correctly. A quick look at the timesheets of the remote workers can alleviate all your worries about their productivity. Further, the actiTIME application also provides an excellent opportunity to examine the reports on performance and financial indicators, depending on the presented time-track data. Overall, the actiTIME can help you organize and delegate the workload more effectively and better your ability to make managerial decisions regarding performance analysis.

‘We have always had a couple of remote workers based in different parts of the world, and we keep a tab on them via the actiTIME application,’ shares Nancy, an expert who works with a platform that offers the best online excel courses.


When you have to track your team members working remotely, you can use the CleverControl app too. It is a super-powerful software for remote desktop monitoring, which lets you see what your employees are doing in the present moment at any point in time, and from any geographical location. It is a cloud-based employee monitoring software, which can help you see any newly recorded data on your online account. You can also use the app to check your employees’ attendance and time statistics.

This application offers you many powerful features, which may be absent in the many other applications listed on this list. Some such features include screen recording, keylogging, remote settings, live viewing, Skype monitoring, clipboard control, and a lot more. Further, the software also records the time you spend on the different activities and presents this statistic in the graphs. Additionally, the application even takes the screenshots of every significant event, such as window change and right-clicking. Further, with the integrated microphone and webcam, it can track any activity happening near the device.

Further, CleverControl also records the employees’ active and inactive period, thereby letting you examine the different employees’ productivity. The application comes with a free 14-day trial and will cost you 3 USD per user per month. It can work with both macOS and Windows devices and offers you access to the recorded data from any device.

However, we have ranked this app last on our list because we believe that excessive monitoring that this app offers may not be what your employees appreciate. So, be careful where you draw that line.

Bottom Line

Of course, employee monitoring is crucial because you are running a business. What they do directly impacts your bottom line, but do not over-do it that your employees start feeling suffocated. It is okay to be a little flexible at times. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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