How To Keep Energy Costs Low

posted by Chris Valentine

When you are moving to a colder area such as Edmonton, you need to get used to the climate, find the right energy provider, and learn how to manage your energy options. Plus, you can begin to use different energy options around the house that will save money. You can conserve energy, and you can participate in the green energy industry. Read more to learn what happens when you move into your new home.

Tips On Savings Energy In A Cold Climate

Electricity rates in Edmonton will fluctuate during the year depending on the demand and time of day. When it gets very cold in the winter, you need to learn how to keep the house comfortable. Plus, you need to open the windows in the spring or summer for ventilation.

Put better weather-stripping around your windows and doors. Use a thermostat that will keep the house warm without using too much energy, and choose the best energy source for the house. It makes sense to bundle up during the winter so that you are not running the heater all day long.

You need to make sure that you have left the windows open in the summer so that you have circulation in the house. Plus, you should cut back on your AC use during the day so that you are not spending too much. People who live in a cold climate might be shocked by a hot month during the summer, and open windows or thermostat will make quite a difference.

Renewable Energy And Alternatives

You can use renewable energy and energy alternatives instead of plugging into the power company throughout the year. If you can afford solar panels for the house, you can install panels on the roof or around the yard. You may install a wind turbine that produces energy throughout the year, or you could use a geothermal heating/cooling system to keep the house comfortable.

If you are using renewable energy all year, you can sell excess power back to the local power company. You may well make a profit instead of spending money on a power bill every month. You may start with a small installation that adds a bit of solar power to your home’s mainframe. However, you can install more renewable energy options as you learn how efficient they can be.

Gas Over Electric Appliances

When you install appliances around the house, you may choose gas over electric. Gas appliances are far more efficient, and gas prices tend to remain low because of high demand. You do not need to worry about electric appliances losing power or seeing their power cord broken. Plus, a gas appliance can dry your clothes or heat the house faster.

A gas stove cools faster when you are done using it, and heat dissipates inside a gas dryer just seconds after it shuts off. A gas heater for the home is easy to service, and you will get immediate heat because the heating element will get hot very fast. You can keep gas appliances running longer, and they do not have the complex circuit boards that electric appliances have.

When To Use Energy

You need to use energy during off-peak hours as much as possible. When you are drying clothes or washing dishes after hours, you will use less energy. Plus, you will spend less because off-peak hours tend to be cheaper. You can keep the lights off during the day by opening the windows and using natural light in the house. All these changes to your lifestyle will drive your energy costs down.

Final Thoughts

You can change the way you use energy throughout the year if you are using these tips every day. When you move to a place like Edmonton, you may move to the prairies outside the city where you have room for a solar panel system or wind turbine. You can move to the suburbs where roof panels are popular. Plus, you might move into the middle of the city where energy conservation efforts will help you keep your utility bills as low as possible. Create an energy plan for the family, show your kids how to manage the appliances, shut off lights during the day, and save money every month.

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