What is the Best Style of Grill?

posted by Chris Valentine

Grilling is one of the most popular forms of cooking in the U.S, and it’s no wonder why: Grilled food tastes delicious! Whether you want to sear steak, bake potatoes, or roast vegetables, there’s a grill for it.

But what is the best style of grill? There are many types and styles out there. Here are some of the most popular options you should know about before deciding which one is right for you.

Propane Gas Grills

Propane grills are portable, easy to use, and affordable. All you have to do is turn a knob or push a button, and you’re ready to go. You don’t need any special tools or complicated set-up procedures to get started

Propane gas grills also enable you to cook many different foods, from steaks and burgers to fish and veggies! A flat top propane grill can cook just about anything.

The potential downside to propane grills is that you need a propane tank. This could become a concern if the tank isn’t checked before every use and replaced when needed.

Far too often, people forget to check their propane tank before starting to grill and either aren’t able to get a decent flame going or run out of fuel in the middle of cooking.

Charcoal Grills

A charcoal grill is a solid choice if you’re looking for an option that’s guaranteed to work and not dependent on other factors such as a handy electric outlet or full propane tank. Other advantages of charcoal grills include:

  • The highest level of control over your food.
  • A smoky flavor that makes the food taste like it was grilled over an open fire (if that’s what you prefer)
  • More flexibility in terms of where and when you may cook

The downside to using a charcoal grill is that it requires more effort than propane gas, because the latter are easier to use and clean afterwards. You’ll also have to buy charcoal briquettes or wood chunks more often than propane tanks.

Electric grills

Electric grills are easy to clean, cheaper, more convenient, and can be used just about anywhere in comparison to the other popular options. All you need to get started is an electrical outlet. This is a very popular option for people who just plan on grilling in their backyard where they know there will always be an outlet. 

Electric grills do have their downsides, too. They’re usually not as powerful as gas grills and can’t duplicate the savor of charcoal grilling for your favorite meals.

But many people regard these drawbacks as minor, given the many benefits when you choose an electric grill over other types.


Although a smoker is technically not a grill, it is often placed in the same category. For the purposes of this article about finding the best cooker, it certainly qualifies.

Using a smoker is one of the most popular ways to cook meat. Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and corn can also be smoked to perfection. To cook the food, simply place it on the grate for hours at low heat until the internal temperature reaches your preference.

The downside to smokers is that it takes a very long time to cook your food. A common steak can take up to one hour, which means you have to plan ahead. 


The best grill is the one you will use the most. The key is to identify the model that fits your lifestyle and needs.

There isn’t one size that fits all in terms of a grill that works for everyone. If you do enough research and figure out what your style is likely to be, you can be confident about choosing the right grill.

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