5 Quirky Tips to Put a New Twist to Your Bedroom Window

posted by Chris Valentine

Our homes, specifically our bedrooms, are places where we like to unwind and relax after a long and demanding day. So naturally, we want our space to feel just right to feel comfortable and rejuvenated. Lighting, ventilation, and ambience are some of the few things that make our bedrooms feel like havens, not to mention the necessary feeling of security. If your bedroom has a window (as many bedrooms do), it might just be one of the best places in your room. Windows can be quite versatile, and in addition to inviting in a lot of sunlight and fresh air, they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your room. We have compiled a list of strategies that you can consider as you begin to reimagine your room window. We hope you find these useful! 

1. Use Curtains 

It might not be immediately apparent, but curtains can do a lot to add some personality to your room. People usually tend to focus on walls and upholstery, but we bet that you will take the looks of your room to a new level if you give some thought to your curtains. There are several different styles that you can consider. Lighter curtains give your curtain a breezy and light vibe, whereas heavier curtains provide a more vintage and regal look. You can even choose opaque or more translucent ones from the different materials available, depending upon how much light and visibility you want to allow. Finally, go for patterned or plain curtains depending upon your artistic flair. 

2. Window Blinds 

The window blinds are an excellent idea if you want to regulate the amount of light that enters your room. Different kinds are available in the market and serve different purposes. They have slats which you can adjust according to your preference. Some of the options include cellular blinds, plastic and wooden blinds. Daylight has a very high impact on our mood. But for many of us, keeping our windows open all day isn’t a practical option, and curtains can tend to block the sun. With blinds, you achieve your treasured sense of privacy and security and the positive benefits of sunlight and mood lighting. 

3. Extended Rods

If you feel your windows are not as wide as you would like, extending the curtain rods along the width can create some convenient optical illusion. Changing the structure of your bedroom window may be impossible without taking the frames down completely, and that’s where the extended curtain rod strategy comes in handy. If the ends of the rod extend a good few inches beyond the end of the frame, the mind finds it easy to believe that the window-glass is wider too. 

4. UV-Protected Glass 

Not many of us were aware growing up, but the ultraviolet sun-rays are constantly in the atmosphere during the day. While UVB rays that cause sunburns and tanning are kept out by glass and cloth, UVA rays do not need extra effort. However, research shows that they can be responsible for potential skin damage and premature ageing. Luckily, UV-protected glass is available now, and if you want to show your skin some extra love, you can have it installed in your bedroom window. This way, you can get the all-natural light and Vitamin D you want without the potential damages to too much sun. This factor is more of a luxury addition, though, so make sure that your budget allows this. 

5. Water-Resistant Windows

 Taking care of your bedroom windows from the outside is just as important as the attention you pay to the part that faces inwards. Severe weather conditions have the potential to cause some damage to your window-pane. If you live in an area that experiences heavy rains or excessive winds, we recommend that you equip your windows by getting water-resistant paint and polishing. You might even think of getting an awning. 

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