How to Tell When You Need to Repaint Your Home

posted by Chris Valentine

The paint on the walls eventually fades throughout time. You need to know when is the right time to repaint your walls. You can repaint your walls on your own or you can hire a professional service to do it for you.  It’s important to refresh your wall not only for aesthetic reasons but also for maintaining the condition of your walls. 

Paint is also as the ambassador of your house. The condition of the paint represents your house. If you walls are chipped or faded, it’s time to give your walls a new makeover. Here are some things you need to keep an eye on if you think your house needs repainting.

1.    Cracking Paint

If you notice cracks on your walls, that might signal the presence of mold, wet or dry rot. This might be a result of poorly installed weatherproofing. Also, extremely low temperatures, rain, strong sunlight, storms, ocean breezes and sand can add to the damage. If left unattended, cracks can lead to chipping of the paint or even flake.


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2.    Color Fading

Color fading is almost always inevitable. Dark colors are more likely to fade faster over time than their lighter counterparts. Also, sun bleaching does most of the damage to the color of the paint. If the colors on your walls that are not regularly exposed to the sun fading, this means that there is another problem present. This might be a result of water intrusion or a vapor barrier. Keep an eye on suspicious stains that drip down the paint. Repaint your walls to keep the color of your walls fresh and smooth.

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3.    Hard Caulk

The caulk is specially designed to contract with your house and to expand.  When your house is exposed to extreme weather conditions, like extreme heat or cold, the caulk loses its elasticity. Do a little test to see in what kind of condition the caulk is. Press down the beads, if they are resistant and hard, it’s about time to call a professional to re-caulk and take care of the damage that has been done.


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4.    Change of Color

It’s one thing for the color to fade away but if you notice that the color of the walls changed into something completely different, it’s time to repaint. Nude shades might become pink over time. To avoid this, make sure you are using quality paint that can withstand extreme light. 

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5.    Stucco

If you want to save some money without going through the hard work at re-stuccoing your entire home, patch the stucco cracks and repaint the house. If you left the patches unattended, you will be left with streaks.

6.    Your Walls Look Dirty

If your walls look dirty and washing doesn’t help, it’s time to repaint your house. Washing your house’s exterior with pressure is a great way to remove mold and dirt that has accumulated over winter and autumn time. Although, this might not wash the years of pollution and dirt. If the pressure washing doesn’t do the job of improving the look of your walls, it’s time to repaint the house. 


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7.    The appearance of Water Stains

Water stains can appear on the walls as a result of heavy rains during the summer and springtime. They can leave the walls to appear unattractive and uneven. There is nothing a fine coat of paint can’t do to cover the stains to give it a fresh look.

8.    Wood Rot

In case you notice paint loss and rotten wood around the door or window frames, then it’s time to consider repainting your house. Paint will cover the rot and it will protect the wood from outside elements. Construction materials can start to deteriorate very fast with a protective coating.

9.    Scuffed Walls

If you notice scuff marks on your walls, you will need to cover them with a fresh coat of paint. They are a completely normal part of the tear and wear that occurs in everyday living. It’s simply inevitable. They also appear in rooms of your house that you spend most of the time at, like the bedroom.

So, if you notice scuff marks in your bedroom, then it’s time to give a call to a professional painting service to help you with some master bedroom decorating ideas and repainting your interior bedroom walls.

10.    Planning to Sell the House

Your house will sell like hotcakes if you give you wall a fresh look. Houses sell faster if they are painted in more neutral colors. Think about it, if you were the buyer, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with deep red walls that are hard to get off. Try going for colors that can be easily painted over like beige, light brown, pastels or white.

Look out for these signs if you are suspicious about the walls in your house. Whether you hire a professional or doing it for yourself, it’s up to you. Walls are an important part of your house’s appearance and condition.

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