4 Tips for Keeping Your Home from Depreciating in Value

posted by Chris Valentine

A home’s primary purpose is to provide us with the space that we need to live and function, but it is also our most significant investment too. As such, it makes sense to ensure that its monetary worth is maintained. And while there are several factors that could affect its value which we have little to no control over, there are other areas that we can work on to keep it from depreciating. To this end, here are a few tips for preventing your home from depreciating in value.

  1. Regular maintenance

One of the simplest ways to keep your house from depreciating in value is by taking care of it and making sure that it’s free from roofing, electrical and plumbing issues through routine maintenance. As tedious as such tasks are, it can go a long way not just in helping you maintain the property’s worth but allowing you to live much more comfortably and prevent any potential repairs that could be too costly to rectify.

  1. Improvements

A reason why many homeowners invest in improvements for their properties is that it not only provides more comfort and convenience, but it also helps keep depreciation at bay. From minor modifications such as the replacement of outdated furniture and fixtures to major renovations that require junk and deck removal, home improvement projects are good investments that can futureproof your home and help you get as close to the desired resale price as possible.

  1. Curb appeal

Cosmetic and aesthetic appeal plays a more prominent role in a property’s value than the uninformed give it credit for. Broken and old fixtures, rusty railings and even dirty sidings might seem like trivial things but leaving them unkempt can have a significant impact on the monetary worth of your home. In fact, it may even make the task of finding potential buyers harder if not impossible to achieve.

As such, it’s crucial to ensure that the property’s exterior looks as good as its interior. From paint retouches to basic landscaping, any investments made for the purpose of giving the home some curb appeal will undoubtedly allow it to maintain its value and keep it from depreciating.

  1. Real estate agencies

Even with research, knowledge of the market can be difficult to accurately assess without the assistance of an expert. Because of this, it’s never a bad idea to seek consultation from real estate agents. After all, their expertise gives them better insight not only on what the property is worth but also how to improve its value too.

It’s not an easy task to keep the property of a home from depreciating, especially in areas where the market value is low. However, it’s not impossible to maintain its worth either. Through routine maintenance, a few practical improvements and advice from experts, not only are you increasing your chances of keeping your property from depreciating, but you’re likely to give its value a healthy boost as well.

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