Five Things Students Need To Know Before Choosing Housing In Greensboro

posted by Chris Valentine

Students who are planning on moving away for college may want to live in off-campus housing so that they have a bit of separation from their schooling. When this is the case, you need to find a non-traditional student housing building that is affordable. Students who travel to the area from overseas can stay in these buildings, and each building provides students with exactly what they need to remain comfortable and safe. Plus, good housing helps students perform well in school.

1. Where Is The Building Located?

When you begin a search for student housing Greensboro locations, you want to find the building that is closest to the school your student is attending. The trip to the school should be short, and you also need parking if the student will have a car when they are in Greensboro.

2. You Need A Kitchen

When students move into off-campus housing, they need a kitchen that is easy to access. If the students are staying in a suite of some sort, they can share the kitchen with the other rooms in that suite. If the student is staying in a private room, they can use the kitchenette that is provided. These rooms allow students to keep to a routine without feeling as though they are fighting crowds of students for resources.

3. Private Bathrooms

There are multiple bathrooms in each suite that make it easier for students to go to the bathroom, take a shower, and get comfortable. Plus, these bathrooms are just as nice as a hotel bathroom. The students have more than enough space to get ready in the morning.

The private bathrooms for the solo apartments are attached to the room. These students are not force to walk down the hall with a towel, and they can run to the bathroom without leaving their room. This is very nice for students who prefer the quiet of their room.

4. How Do Students Get In?

Students use their key and ID card to get into the building. These students are let in by the person who is sitting at the front desk, and they can use that same key to get into their room. The building is very safe, and students who keep their rooms locked do not need to worry about anyone going through their things.

Plus, students can use special storage spaces in the building for extra items. This is a very simple way for students to carry all that they need to school. Plus, the students have their own mailbox with a key. The students can receive as much mail as they like, and the front desk will handle all packages that have been delivered to the building.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

You can talk to management about how much each room costs. Plus, you can speak to the company about getting a special discount if you are affiliated with a school that is afforded such a discount. You can ask the company if they will offer a discount because you filled a whole suite. They may give you a discount if you have more than one student book a solo room, and they will offer premium rates if you book a long stay.


The student housing Greensboro location that you book should be chosen based on its amenities, security, and proximity to the school. You can travel to Greensboro for school, or you can choose to live off-campus in a place that allows you a bit of privacy. These building has nice kitchens, private bathrooms, and security that will protect everyone living in the building.

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