How Much Does a Domestic Violence Lawyer Cost on Average?

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you wondering how much does a domestic violence lawyer cost? If yes, you should check out our guide here on what you can expect to pay.

The average couple argues 19 times a month.

Have you ever yelled at your partner in the middle of an argument? How about lightly touching your partner’s arm to get their attention, when you’re angry? Chances are if you’re like most couples, you’ve had heated moments like this, at one time or another.

For healthy couples, arguing is unpleasant, but generally isn’t a big deal. However, if you’re in a failing relationship, a simple fight can twist into a legal nightmare.

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you’re probably wondering, “how much does a domestic violence lawyer cost?”. After all, knowing how to find affordable but effective representation will make the difference between victory or defeat in the courtroom.

Don’t wait to learn the truth about what you can expect to pay. Read on to find out what your domestic violence lawyer will bill you for, and why.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Cost

If you need legal representation for a domestic violence case, you’ll have several attorneys to choose from. A divorce attorney, criminal law attorney, as well as a family law attorney, can represent you.

Your domestic violence lawyer cost directly depends on the type of case you’re dealing with. While there isn’t a flat fee for any domestic case, there are common types of fees and conditions that you can expect. For example, flat fees versus hourly rates, are something you’ll want to be familiar with.

Since every case is unique, some attorneys choose to bill on an hourly rate. The hourly rate will depend on how experienced your lawyer is, their reputation, and where you live.

If you choose to work with an individual lawyer, instead of a law firm, you can expect your hourly rate to be higher. Your legal fees will also most likely be more if you have a complex domestic violence case. If you’re tying in other cases, such as a divorce or paternity case, your lawyer will definitely be charging you more money as well.

Understanding Trial Costs

The amount of time it takes your lawyer to prepare for trial, directly impacts what they’ll charge you. For example, if your lawyer has to spend a lot of time on the preparation for your case, you can expect your trial costs to be more expensive. If your trial takes a long time, your costs will also be higher.

The state you live in will also determine how much your trial costs are. Every state has its own specific laws pertaining to how they deal with domestic violence. Whether or not the domestic violence charge is a misdemeanor or a felony in your state, will go a long way in deciding how much your trial costs will be.

Finally, other factors that affect your trial cost, include who the opposing attorney is, who the judge is, and scheduling. If the opposing attorney has a good reputation, it’s likely that your lawyer will want to charge more.

If the judge for your case is infamous for making things tough for attorneys, your trial costs could definitely go up. Your lawyer will also take into account whether or not there any scheduling issues they have to deal with when it comes to creating your price.

Different Legal Services

When you call a domestic violence lawyer, or law firm, ask them to clearly lay out their services and fees. Keep in mind, that each law firm, and individual lawyer, will have their own set of legal fees as well as the types of services they provide.

Here are some of the things your attorney can help with

  • Protective order hearing services

  • Divorce and protective order hearing services

  • Child custody cases with protection orders

  • An intensely disputed divorce case involving violence and child custody

It’s always a good idea to find an experienced attorney, who specializes in domestic violence cases.

Protective Order Hearing Services

If you’re just getting a lawyer to help with the protective order hearing, your price point will be lower. The types of services your lawyer will provide will include preparation, investigation” appearance. Finally, your attorney will make recommendations for different support services and counseling.

Domestic Violence and Divorce

When you’re combining a domestic violence case with the divorce, or child custody case, your lawyer is going to charge more. The reason for this is that will be performing many more services on your behalf.

On top of providing legal counsel, they’ll also be helping with incurred appearance services. When there are children involved, your lawyer will participate in negotiating custody arraignments.

Visitation, and child support, will be 2 of the areas they help negotiate. Finally, when you combine a divorce case with a domestic violence case, your attorney will also bill you for alimony and property division.

Questions to Ask Your Attorney

Once you find an attorney that can help with your case, you’ll want to get specific about their services.

Here’s a shortlist of the questions to ask potential attorneys:

  • How will they be billing you?

  • What will the retainer cover?

  • Do they allow payment arrangements?

  • Is there a flat fee your lawyer will charge?

  • If multiple court appearances are necessary, will they charge more?

It’s always a good idea to clearly understand every service and fee upfront. You should also ask your attorney for their advice about the other fees you’ll be expecting to pay.

For example, will you have additional court fines, restitution fines, or classes you have to take? Ask your lawyer for their expertise given your particular situation.

Protect Your Rights

Whether you’ dealing with a standard case or a complex situation, there’s an attorney out there for you. Plus, now you know about the different factors that will affect your domestic violence lawyer costs.

When you find an attorney who is offering a fair price and is also passionate about protecting your rights, you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction. For more advice on how to protect the rights in the courtroom and other areas of life check out the rest of the site.

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