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Is Hiring an Attorney really Worth it?

posted by Chris Valentine

Anyone can meet with a car accident and this includes you as well. The bottom line is after an accident occurs there are so many things to worry about such as a court case as well as money settlement and you can’t afford to be on the losing end. If you are unsure about whether to employ legal counsel to represent your interest, then take a moment and think about the many problems and pitfalls that you can encounter if you do not have the right legal backing.

Here are eight reasons why getting legal help is worth your time and money.  

You get support

If you were to get involved in a vehicle accident, you will need all the support you can get and hiring an attorney that knows the law well and can assist you with this stressful situation. Working closely with a legal team that knows what they are doing will help see you through and put you on the winning path. Putting your lawyer on the case will ensure that you get any financial payment that’s due to you.   

Gather evidence by taking pictures and making notes

After a car accident occurs, crucial evidence is usually gathered to determine which party is in the right. The evidence that the insurance investigator finds can work for you as well as against you. Houston is no stranger when it comes to troublesome road accidents, and lack of evidence is one of the common causes of why cases end up not being in favor of the victims. A reputable law firm in Houston says that a simple photo can make or break your case. Make sure to get some yourself if you are able to do so, or ask responding officers to take them for you aside from the ones that they will be taking for themselves as well. 

Evaluate your claim

It is best for you to have someone you trust to help determine what your car accident is worth so you can get a fair deal. The person must be qualified in evaluating claims and this is where your personal barrister comes in. The lawyer will take into consideration your injuries if any, and what liability the defendant faces. Once all the investigation is completed, your attorney will see to it that you get your car accident compensation for all medical injuries you receive, any lost income plus for pain and suffering.

Negotiate a settlement in your favor

Not everyone can negotiate a reasonable settlement, one that has your best interest at heart. However, a qualified attorney can negotiate a settlement outside of court on your behalf so you can get a reasonable deal. Since your attorney is a skilled negotiator working for you, you can be sure that he will settle the claim in your best interest.

Represent you at the trial

In some cases after an accident happens, both parties involved may have to attend a trial. Of course, that is if don’t settle out of court. If your vehicle accident case should reach the court, your skilled attorney will aggressively represent and speak up for you before a jury and the judge. Therefore, you will need someone who excels in the courtroom and your lawyer is trained to do just that.  

Dealing with insurance companies

There is no doubt that the person you hire to be your attorney will have to deal with insurance companies on your behalf. If an insurance company tries to refuse your claim compensation, it is the duty of your attorney to fight your cause legally within the confines of a courtroom.

You pay a contingency fee

Not to place any unnecessary pressures on you for money, at times an accident lawyer will work for a contingency fee, which means that you are only required to pay the lawyer you employ from the proceeds of the lump sum payment that you receive after winning the case. If your case is lost, you are not entitled to pay anything to him or her.  

Gives you peace of mind

If a collision happens and you are left on your own without a lawyer to help you in any way, your stress level can rise. In addition, having an experienced lawyer in your corner working with you through the claims process can give you great peace of mind knowing that you are getting expert help from a qualified professional litigator. With your peace of mind intact, you are able to think better, develop a sense of inner power and strength as well as possess greater ability to devise and successfully plan ahead for your future.

Having a lawyer who can help you sort out things after a vehicle collision on the road can give you various options and advantages. Your money will be well spent on your legal aid and you may even gain more financially because of what the expert help you will receive.

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