Budget Makeover? Here’s Where to Look For Inspiration

posted by Chris Valentine

As much as I do having a nice home to come back to everyday, interior design and spending money or time on it, is not something that I have much desire to do. I was watching an interview with the wonderful Gary Friedman recently, CEO of Restoration Hardware, who was talking about the need to invest wisely in your home. As much as I don’t want to spend money in the home, I can’t help but concur with Gary’s opinion. Last year I decided that it was finally time to give my home the new look that it deserved, and so room by room, I went budget makeover crazy.

One of the most difficult things for someone like me, was finding inspiration in the first place, but thankfully the internet provided me with some great opportunities to see what I should be doing in my home. If you are looking to give your place a budget makeover, here is where you should be looking for inspiration.


I have been a big lover of Pinterest for many years and I knew that this would be the best place to get started on my quest to find some budget makeover tips, and I was absolutely right. Throughout the whole site there is a massive range of people who have offered up some incredible home design hacks and budget decorating tips. I must be honest, searching on Pinterest, and seeing some of the incredible things which people have done in their homes, does make you want to spend that bit of extra cash and make your home a palace. As long as you can sift through these items without being too tempted, you’ll find some great inspiration for making your home over on a budget.

Facebook Groups

I never even considered using Facebook to find inspiration until a friend pointed me in that direction, it makes sense I guess that a community would form small groups to discuss specifics such as home design. When you search for Facebook groups you will have to look for the groups which are dedicated to budget design, rather than home style in general. On you join these groups however, you will quickly see just how many amazing ideas which people throw out there, ideas which can be easily implemented in your home.


I must be honest, I had never even heard of Reddit before but when I was looking online for some budget ideas, the forum came up in my searches. The website is basically a news feed, for just about every content matter in the world, including budget style ideas. If you are looking for some killer ideas, which not many people will know about, this weird and wacky website is the one for you. Within the website there are sub-sections, also known as sub-reddits, this is where you’ll find info about various home hacks and style ideas.

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