How to Have an Energy Efficient Home

posted by Chris Valentine

When people think of an energy efficient home, people tend to think that it something that is done to help your carbon footprint and benefit the planet.  Whilst that is not wrong, you would be surprised how much it can benefit the amount of money you can save.  Yes the improvements will cost you money however in the long run it is extremely cost effective and will save you even more money in the long run.  Below I have included some tips and improvements that you can do to help improve your carbon footprint whilst saving you some dollar.  Even with one or two of these you will notice the difference.


The majority of today’s homes, especially new builds already tend to have some form of insulation.  Even if you already have insulation in your home, nothing is stopping you to add additional or improving it.  You can add insulation to your attics, ceilings and walls to help you in various weather conditions.  With top notch isolation it will help retain heat in the winter as it will help stop any cold wintery drafts entering your home. This will help benefit your heating costs and can really cut down on your monthly bills.  Some may think that this will have a negative effect in the summer but it actually does the exact opposite, in close sweaty summer days the insulation will also help keep in cool air from your fans or air conditioning.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are something that you see more and more as the years go by.  Whether they are attached to your roof or as an attachment in your garden, solar panels will help you provide your own form of electricity.  This will allow you to cut costs on the electricity bills that seem to be sky rocketing at the moment.  Not only will it benefit your wallet, using solar panels has a great effect on the environment, in a world where global warming is a real issue, you can do your part to help the world live a greener lifestyle.

Replace Your Windows

Like insulation, making your windows more energy efficient can help save you some money.  With high quality energy efficient windows they tend to be double or even triple glazed.  This will help keep heat in, in the winter whilst also keeping cool air in, in the summer.  Larger wider windows will also allow a lot more natural lights in the house which can help refrain from having your light switched on constantly.  I recently had my windows done with a local company called CBI Tulsa and I have been reaping the benefits ever since.  Especially with how cold this winter has been!

Don’t let Prices Put you off

I mentioned this briefly before but I really can’t stress enough how making changes like this to your home can benefit you.  I am a massive advocate for living in an energy efficient home, if the benefits to the Earth don’t convince you, you need to think about the financial benefits it will have on yourself.  Changes to help you don’t have to cost you a fortune and it doesn’t all have to be done at once.  See it more of an investment rather than a purchase.

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