5 Signs Pests Have Made Themselves Comfortable in Your Colorado Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Cockroaches, mice, ants, and other pests are good at hiding their presence. Left to their own devices, pests can multiply quite quickly. Even though many pests are nocturnal, they leave signs that they’ve made themselves comfortable in your home. If this happens, research “pest control near me” and get the help you need. Here are five common signs that you may notice.

  1. Pest Leavings
    Foreign matter in your home could be the fecal matter or urine of pests. Identifying the pest through its droppings can be tricky, but it’s important to know what pest you’re dealing with. If you’re seeing things like coffee granules on your clean counter, it could be a sign that you have cockroaches. Mice often leave tiny black droppings the size of a rice kernel. You may also see urine stains under the sink or in an out-of-the-way location.
  2. Musky Smells
    The aroma left behind by pests is hard to explain, but you may smell them before you see them. A nest might smell musky and stale, while you may certainly notice a faint note of ammonia from the urine. Investigate any strange aromas in your home to find the source. Smell is one of the strongest indicators that you have a nest, which means reproduction. Don’t ignore this aroma.
  3. Noise in Your Walls
    Rodents and pests are quiet but not silent. You may hear squirrels or mice in the walls or in the attic. If you’re hearing scratching or a pitter-patter, then you probably have some kind of pest invading your home. You may hear a buzzing noise if you have carpenter ants or termites. The sounds might be subtle but worth investigating.
  4. Damaged Items in Your Home
    Pests will chew on anything. You may have damaged wiring or furniture. Mice will chew on food packaging. The baseboards around your cupboards may have signs that a rodent has been gnawing on it. Insulation makes wonderful nesting material. If you’re seeing signs of damage, check it out before things get worse.
  5. Piles of Sawdust
    Termites and carpenter ants often bore into the wood of your home leaving behind piles of sawdust. These two species of pests can appear similar but pest control for each one is different. You may want to call a service technician specialist with Terminix for pest control for home to ensure that the treatment is effective.

Professional Pest Control

When you’ve spotted one or more of these signs, call your local office for professional service technicians who can help you get rid of your pests to keep your home safe comfortable.

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