Buy Roofing Copper Nails For Your Needs

posted by Chris Valentine

Being in the roofing business you need to be sure that your tools and supplies are the best that you can get. Not only do you want your customers to be satisfied with the quality of work you are carrying out but you would also want to work in the most cost effective way for yourself to generate profit. One way you can do this is looking for Roofing Copper Nails For Your Needs. You may wonder why Copper Roofing Nails are so effective and how they can help with long term money making. 

The Benefits of using Roofing Copper Nails

Unlike ordinary galvanized nails roofing copper nails will not rust over time, they are made to be long lasting and harder wearing. These nails are made from solid copper which may make them more expensive to buy than steel or galvanized nails but they have proven to be more durable and last for years. This means that in the long term your maintenance and repair costs will be much less than it would be using galvanized nails. The work that you carry out using roofing copper nails will be to a high standard and will see far less results of wear and tear, meaning your customers will be happy with the job and they can be sure that it’s safe and sturdy for a lengthy period. 

When your roofing job includes working on slate roof tiles they are typically held together only by nails, which is why it is ideal to use roofing copper slate nails for copper sheet metal applications instead of ordinary galvanized nails. Galvanized nails have a limited life span; they rust after the zinc coating wears off over time. Your slate roof is only as good as the nails used to hold it together, so it is crucial to use the right type. It wouldn’t be worth the risk to you or your customer to take a chance and use nails that are known for corroding and rusting. Using these nails can put your roofing structure at risk and the home of your customer in danger. If you don’t use roofing copper nails your slate may slip down the roof and may be a cause of serious injury. This is really something you would want to avoid at all costs, and paying for a slightly more expensive nail that has proven durability and longevity is a small price to pay in comparison. 

Using the right nails for the roof you are working on will ensure its longevity and stability. Copper roofing nails not only last longer but they also provide ease when removing a broken slate from your roof for fixing. The pointed tips of our nails provide easy insertion into a surface to help you minimize the risk of damaging your metal sheets. If your roof deck is made of plywood, the sharp diamond point of our copper nails also drive in smoothly so you avoid wood splintering. These are just some of the very practical reasons for using roofing copper nails.


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