The importance of right packing

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The main task of any carrier is to keep things perfectly intact, whether they are moving stuff from a home or office. But how to achieve this? How to make transportation completely lossless? One of the tools to resolve this trouble (safe transportation of things) is proper use of packaging materials that act as shock absorber and make the mechanical impact more soft. In addition, the right type of packaging protects the goods against static electricity and the negative effects of rain or snow.

How to resolve packing problems?

Moving is a very important process. So it must be approached with the utmost seriousness. The right packing plays one of the main roles in this moving process, it’s better for you to apply for the help of professional Encino movers https://www.moveprola.com/encino-movers/, in other way you risk to lose or harm the transported items. There is a great variety of packing materials, which can be used for the transportation. These are bubble wrap, corrugated boxes, tissue paper, markers, etc.

The importance of right packing cannot be overstated

Most popular materials

The most spread of the packaging materials is bubble wrap. It is essential component of modern transportation. Plastic film with air-filled bubbles perfectly protects against damage fragile items. Bubble wrap used for packing crystal, glass, porcelain and appliances. In case of kicking, some of the bubbles will burst, and the packed item will be completely unharmed. The material is extremely flexible, easily takes the form of a packaged object.

One of the varieties of air bubble film is tinted one. If you package in it some antique furniture, so it’s easy to hide from prying eyes (only the general context of things is discerned by package).

Another common packaging material is stretch plastic film. It is used to protect from scratches and damage of upholstered and cabinet furniture. The film is well stretched and doesn’t leave marks on the furniture. It is equally well suited to package items of different sizes.

Corrugated boxes are not less popular. These boxes are universal. They are useful for packing books, utensils, crockery, toys, shoes and clothing. Such boxes are affordable. After use they can be folded to the most compact size and used several times (they also disposed without much hassle). Of course, cardboard is not the most durable material, so the box is better to fix with tape or special technical patch. The duct tape is more preferred, because it is durable and easily stretchable. If the move falls on the cold season, it is advisable to use special cold-resistant adhesive tape which retains its adhesive properties even in severe frost or snow.

Colored duct tape is indispensable if you need to mark a packaging in a special way (e.g., boxes with things from different areas or personal belongings of employees in case of office move).

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