Is a Self-Storage Unit Worth It?

posted by Chris Valentine

Self storage is a convenient solution to removing the clutter from your office or home. Did you know that every day, Americans waste over an hour of productive time searching for items they have misplaced?

However, is it worth it to hire your storage unit? What are the benefits and how will it change the dynamic of your home or business?

Save yourself time, money, and effort by hiring a self storage unit to keep your belongings secure and out of the way. Read through these top reasons to hire a self storage unit and make an informed decision for yourself.

Why Risk It?

Your home or office presents a burglary or robbery risk. Storing items in your home that you no longer need or use is merely asking for trouble. Why not remove the threat from your home by hiring a self storage unit for those unused items?

By taking the risk out of your company or home, you can receive discounted rates on your insurance premiums, as all storage centers are entirely secure and guarded 24-hours a day. Your possessions may be damaged at home or in the office. Water damage, accidents, theft, and fire are all threats to your home or business and your assets. Storing your belongings in a self storage unit removes the risk.

Organize Your Life

Does your office or garage look like a big mess? Clear out the clutter and organize your life by transferring your unused possessions to a self storage unit. Before you move all of your property to your new storage unit, create a spreadsheet to track everything you move. You will then have an accurate record of everything you own and where it’s stored.

Office space is expensive and paying square footage for old files, and office equipment that is no longer needed is a waste of space and money. The cost of a self storage unit is deductible from your business expenses. A storage unit will free up your valuable office space for other purposes that can create income, instead of add to costs.

Accessible and Maintenance-Free

Unlike your office building or home, self-storage units are maintained by the owner, not you. Lock your possessions away securely and walk away, the maintenance of the building is taken care of for you. Most self storage units are accessible at any time of the day and have 24-hour guarded security.

Don’t worry While You Are Away

Are you headed out of the country for a few months? If you are a contract employee and have to leave your hometown for a while, lock all of your possessions away in self storage. Are you planning on studying overseas? Lock all of your stuff up in storage and continue your study’s without the stress of worrying about the security of your home and belongings.

Is It Worth It?

Hiring a self storage unit is a practical and inexpensive way of removing the disorder from your life. Search for the best self storage hollywood has to offer and improve the quality of your life at home and work.

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