3 Tips For Minimalist Bathroom Design and Decor

posted by Chris Valentine

In many homes, the bathroom can easily become one of the messiest areas in the house. Because most bathrooms are used multiple times a day by multiple people, it can be hard to keep things neat and organized. 

One thing that can help to make this goal easier is to create a bathroom space that’s aim is to be as minimalistic as possible. To help you in accomplishing this, here are three tips for minimalist bathroom design and decor. 

Choose Neutral Colors

A great way to embrace the idea of minimalism in your bathroom is to keep everything in neutral colors.

According to ExtraSpace.com, by choosing a neutral color palette for both the walls and fixtures of your bathroom as well as any decor that you bring into the space, you’ll help your bathroom to feel brighter and larger, which is one of the benefits of following a minimalist design style. Additionally, the colors on a neutral color palette will also help your space to feel calmer and more serene. And when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning and quickly having to clean up your space before you leave, you’ll be glad that the atmosphere of your bathroom serves to help keep you at peace rather than adding to the chaos of your life. 

Include Enough Storage

To have a minimalist bathroom, it’s vital that you keep all of your surfaces cleared of any unnecessary items. To make this possible, you’re going to want to have a lot of storage areas that allow you to keep your items out of sight. 

Some options you might want to consider, according to Jennifer Baum Lagdameo, a contributor to Dwell.com, should include maximizing any dead space that isn’t being used for other purposes. For example, if you have a standalone bathtub, you may want to add some storage to the walls above that area. This will make it easier for you to store things like your shaving kit, linens, and other accessories. 

Keep Your Decor Simple

Something that can easily fight against your desire for a minimalist bathroom is to over-decorate the space. 

Knowing this, HGTV Canada advises that you do your best to keep the decor simple in your bathroom. If you do want to add some decor to the space, try to play with interesting colors for your fixtures or vanity rather than bringing in additional items to clutter up your space and wind up making the room feel smaller. 

If you have a bathroom that you’d like to feel more spa-like, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you design this space to be more minimalist as well as helping you to keep things clean, organized, and roomy.

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