6 Affordable Ideas That’ll Make Your Bathroom Your Personal Home Spa

posted by Chris Valentine

Who doesn’t yearn for a relaxing body massage? A sea-salt exfoliation? Or a radiance-boosting facial? Who doesn’t love a spa experience every once in a while? What if you could recreate this feeling every day, in your own bathroom? Truth be told, creating your spa-like bathroom is easier than you think. By adding a few inexpensive touches, you can design the bathroom of your dreams and enjoy a relaxing experience every day in the comfort of your own home. Take a look at these 6 affordable ways to create your own spa.

1. Towel Bars and Towels

Upgrading your bathroom with a set of new towels and a towel bar is the first step to creating a spa ambiance. Pick out a set of towels with various sizes in calming colors such as pastels. Set them up close to your sink and bathtub in a pretty basket. Alternatively, you can choose an affordable towel bar with a shelf and fit it near your bathtub. Luckily, if you happen to know a reliable showering blog, you can understand the many towel bar options that can suit your bathroom size, layout, and design. Adding a few towels near your bathtub on a towel bar will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Make sure to choose good quality towels, made of absorbent yet fluffy material. This is an added touch of a spa experience, having soft towels for wrapping yourself in.

2. Candles and Diffuser

The first thing you experience when in a spa is the calming and tantalizing smell of Goat Milk Soap. Aromas are used in a spa to promote relaxation and calm. You can easily transfer this to your bathroom by adding scented candles. Pick a few inexpensive candles in different shapes and scents and lay them out around your bathroom, especially near your bathtub. You can also opt to use a diffuser that is timed to release your favorite scent while you pamper yourself. Choosing scents like lemongrass, lavender, jasmine, and vanilla will give you a tranquil experience.

3. Massage Shower Head

This could possibly be the most expensive item in this suggestion list; however, even a good shower head is not going to cost you much at all. A bathroom without a good shower head will make your spa experience fall short. Switch your current shower head for a shower head with multiple settings, massage options, and good water pressure. This will make all the difference in your shower experience. A good shower head with strong water pressure will provide you with a light massage, promoting blood circulation and a healthy glow.

4. Essential Oils Shelf

Using essential oils and bath salts in your bathwater is next on your home spa list. Set out a tray or use a towel bar that has a shelf included near your bathtub and layout a few bottles of essential oils and bath salts. For an added spa-like feel, use decorative bottles for storing your essential oils that match your bathroom design. These will give you the ultimate spa treatment without the cost. Use a few drops of essential oils or scented bath salt while running your bath water and get ready to submerge yourself in tranquility.

5. Plants and Stones

Any good spa has plenty of natural elements incorporated to provide a serene environment. Copy this by adding greenery to your bathroom countertops or floor corners. This will promote a peaceful mood while promoting a healthy climate. Make sure to choose potted plants that can withstand low light and high humidity such as Cacti, Bamboo, Aloe Vera, and Spider plants. These are all affordable plants that you can pick up from any nursery near you. You can also add decorative stones and pebbles to your plan pots or arrange a mix on glass plates on your bathroom counter.

6. Luxury Toiletries

Your final step for a spa treatment and experience is to have plenty of toiletries on hand. This doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. Picking up a few scented pretty soaps from the dollar store and placing them in a bowl, stocking up on inexpensive sheet masks and laying them out near your sink, and buying drug-store face masks, exfoliators and body butters are all you need to have on hand to recreate a spa treatment.

Creating your own spa setting at home can be affordable, fun, and most importantly a blissful and relaxing experience. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get pampered or experience a tranquil spa treatment. You can do all that in the comfort of your own home with a few additions and stay on a budget.

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