7 Home Fixes and Repairs Better Left to the Professionals

posted by Chris Valentine

If you like to do your own home fixes, chances are you’ve looked at a big project and thought, “I can do that.” But there are some home improvement projects that you should not tackle yourself.

For dangerous home renovations and repairs, call a professional. The cost of hiring someone who knows what they are doing and can do it safely and well is worth it. You avoid any injury or damage and you get the work done without wasting your own time.

To learn more about some of the home fixes you should hire a pro for, read on. We’ve picked out seven of the most important.

1. Anything to Do with Electrical Wiring

Unless you are an electrician by training, leave the electrical stuff to the professionals. Working with electricity is dangerous. Installing electrical wiring or repairing it must be done to code and needs a pro to handle it.

Putting a new light fixture in isn’t what we’re talking about here. We’re saying the pros are needed for home fixes that need new electrical wiring run through your home. They are also necessary if you need the wiring replaced or repaired.

Don’t mess with do-it-yourself electrical wiring. That’s a recipe for serious problems for you and your home.

2. Plumbing

You don’t need a plumber for a clogged toilet but for pretty much anything else it’s worth calling in a professional plumber. A pro understands how your pipes connect and how they work as a system. They are trained to properly install and repair your plumbing so put your trust in them for this kind of home repair.

The last thing you want is a leaky pipe or a shower that doesn’t work. If you fix plumbing yourself you could run the risk of mold growth. You could also end up with water damage within your home if you don’t connect things as they should be.

3. Tree Trimming and Removal

Trimming up a tree might seem like one of the simple home fixes you can do yourself. But doing it right is trickier than it might seem. You can damage a tree if you don’t trim it right and it can end up dying.

Tree removal is dangerous. A professional arborist is needed for this work. Cutting a tree correctly so that it falls where it won’t damage anything else is something a professional knows how to do.

If the tree is a tall one, the pro will know how to climb it safely. They will also have the equipment and knowledge necessary to deal with the sheer scale of a large tree.

4. Anything to Do with Gas Appliances

Don’t mess with gas. You can’t see it. It can explode.

Pretty simple rules to follow when it comes to home fixes if you ask us. If you want to install a gas appliance or you need the gas piping fixed, get a professional in.

Gas appliances must be installed to code. A professional knows how to ensure the right kinds of gas pipes are used. They also know which connectors to use on the pipes and how to safely connect and disconnect the gas.

Even the tiniest gas leak can slowly release gas that will eventually ignite. You might think you handle these kinds of home improvement projects but it just isn’t worth it. If you get it wrong you could end up dying or losing your home!

5. Roofing or Roof Repairs

Your roof keeps you safe and dry inside your home. It needs to function the way it was designed. If you repair or install your own roof without professional training you are asking for water to get in and damage your house.

Roofs are a little like gas pipes. The smallest hole can lead to big problems. Professional roofers know how to install shingles, tiles, or metal roof so that there are no leaks.

Additionally, professional roofers have the equipment to get up to your roof and stay there safely.¬†Professionals don’t have to hire a boom lift to do the job. They know how to fix flashing and how to put in a ridge vent properly, too.

6. Paving a Driveway

Paving a driveway is a job for professionals. The reason for this is that you need the levels and grades to be right so that water doesn’t pool. Whether it’s a concrete driveway, brick, or something else, a professional team will install it to last.

Professionals also have the equipment needed for this kind of job. From backhoes to concrete mixers and move, a good driveway team takes the hard work away from you and makes sure your driveway will withstand cars, trucks, and more.

The knowledge that professional driveway contractors bring to the task is worth far more than the cost of hiring them. Save your time and effort and get the job done right.

7. Structural Changes and Foundations

Leave anything that involves the foundation of your home or significant structural work to professional contractors. Home fixes like this require expert knowledge, tools, and equipment that you don’t have as a home improvement weekender.

Contractors also have a team of workers. This means a professional contractor has the team they need to dig up foundations and replace them without your home collapsing. The team of pros the contractor brings in also means you won’t be out of your home for a long time while the work is done.

Building codes are strict and hard to follow. Your contractor will know how to meet foundational and structural codes that will ensure your house passes inspection.

Home Fixes Best Left to Professionals

As you can see, there are many home fixes that need professionals to do the job. It isn’t worth the potential danger to yourself or the damage to your home to try these jobs on your own. It might cost more to hire a pro than to take on the work yourself but the long term ramifications of not doing right will be far more expensive.

Whether it’s electricity or gas, a new driveway or foundation, or plumbing or roofing, hire a qualified and recommended professional contractor to get the job done right and safely.

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