Top Quiet Wall Clocks: Effectively Silencing the Ticks and Tocks

posted by Chris Valentine

Time is one of the most important aspects of being alive in this world. One might think that this is just an abstract concept, but we see it in any other thing. You might think of it as a countdown as nothing in this world is permanent. According to this article https://bdaily.co.uk/articles/2015/03/12/10-reasons-why-change-is-important-for-personal-development, change is necessary for us to move on. With change, time lapses. This counting of the seconds, minutes, hours and years has been around for a long time. It is just in the modern era that there was only a single way so that everyone else should follow it. This is the birth of the mechanical clock. 

The sundial was considered as one of the first clocks to have ever been invented. It used the rays of the sun and a stationary device. If the sun’s rays hit a certain point, that means that a fraction of the total time for that day has elapsed. The only problem with it was that you cannot really tell the time at night. This is why many other people tried to introduce other mechanisms. For a time, the hourglass was used as a way to measure it, but the clock has outclassed it in a lot of ways. Read more about this here.

Clocked their Way to Our Lives

Most of our houses have clocks in them. It is not a surprise; after all, living in the modern word means that you really have to save this precious commodity. We want everything in an instant, faster than we could ever be even before. Time is of the essence, and it is important not to waste it. Even though we already have devices like cell phones, having that on your wall is something else. It adds a personality in the room, and it can be the first and last thin people ever see when they go in and out of the house. But there’s just one problem: It’s noisy. Learn how you can fix it with companies like soundproofpros.com/best-silent-wall-clocks/ in this article.

For some people, a ticking clock is just a normal occurrence. After all, older clocks tick per second, minute and hour. It’s just its shtick, and people love them for it. The sounds denote a time lost, and people are really into reminiscing these days. The 90’s and 80’s nostalgia has been the craze. It would be crazy to imagine that the future would be nostalgic about our “now” but it can happen. The ticks are also a great way to tell the time without you looking at the face of the device.

However, some people do find that sound a bit atrocious. There are even others who fear the ticking, and feel anxiety over it. Also, it can be an eerie experience just hearing this sound over and over in a quiet room. The situation can be straight out of a horror movie. The tick-tock also means that time is running out, and some humans can freak out over that. On the other hand, it can just be rather annoying and you would want it to stop.

Silencing the clock is actually a bit tricky. The easiest way would be just smashing it like Hulk doing Loki in Avengers. Even if this is a nice way to vent out the stress, you can end up destroying your living space as well. You can injure yourself in the process as well which is not good news. It would add more to your problems. If you really want to have all the ticking stopped, you might need to heed some of the tips below. 

Tips For A Quiet Room

  1. Look for a modern clock.

As we have said before, the older the clock, the more chances of it ticking. It is just because of the technology during that time. However, most of the newer models can have no sound at all. There are even digital ones that you can customize the sound. However, you would want to stay away from the cheaper products as they might even be louder than the grandfather’s that you probably own. Higher costs do not always mean high-quality, but this is the case for most clocks. 

  1. Put it in a clear container.

If you have a smaller model, you might want to put in a clear jar or glass with a tight fitting lid. This can silence the thing and would make sure that you don’t have to hear for some time. You still want to see its face though, so it would be best to choose a clear one. Mason jars are perfect for this as well as those cookie containers. On the flip side, this is a bit impractical since you need to take it out from time to time. Also, you might need to address how weird this looks to other people.

  1. Move it somewhere else in the house.

Finding a replacement can be a bit tricky so you might want to have a temporary solution for now. You may want to move it to another location so that you will not be disturbed by the sound. This would just work if you have a larger space though, and you have extra rooms in your house or apartment. You can keep it somewhere while you want to do something else which doesn’t involve the ticking. 

  1. Tinker the machinery behind it.

Only do this if you have an experience with working with clocks. You can open the contraption behind it. Usually it is a box with the dials for you to control the arms. Open that part, and cover it with plastic. Then, tightly close this part. The whole process can be a little more intricate depending on your device.

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