5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Bed Frame

posted by Chris Valentine

When it comes to investing in furniture for your home, we have long extolled the virtues of spending a good amount of money on your bed. The main reason behind this is the sheer amount of time that the average person will spend in bed, which is just over a third of the year. This is exactly why you need a bed which is comfortable and allows you to rest well. The mattress is of course important here, but so too is the bed frame on which it is placed. This is why we want to share with you our top tips on what to look for in buying a quality frame. 

Getting The Right Vendor 

Our first top tip is that you have identified some of the best places from which to buy your bed frame. A particular favorite of ours is Costoffs, an e-furniture company which is heavily focused on providing the highest quality furnishings and home goods. Despite only being founded in 2020, this brand has grown rapidly and is noted for its excellent customer service and top quality goods. Finding the right seller will help you on your way to getting the best bed frame for you. 

Mattress Size

Once you know where you are buying from, it is time to start drilling into the dimensions of your bed frame. This of course will be dictated by the mattress which you have. It is critical that your mattress slots snugly onto the bed frame, without any extra space on the sides. If your frame is larger than the mattress then it will look unsightly and you may even risk hurting yourself as you get in and out of bed. Measure the mattress before you buy your frame. 

Getting The Right Support

The two main options which you have when buying a new bed frame are box spring and platform beds. Platform frames usually sit lower to the ground, which could make a small room appear larger. Alternatively a box spring frame could be used which is much more flexible and which can provide perfect support for a range of mattress weights. 

Storage Space

Many people like to buy a freestanding frame which offers storage space below, or a platform frame which has drawers integrated which can also be used for storage. This is certainly something worth considering before you invest in your bed frame, as this kind of storage is ideal for bed linens, duvets and many other items, which can be stowed away tidily and out of sight. 

Picking The Right Material

Whilst there are some variations, the most commonly chosen materials for a frame are wood and metal. Making the choice between the two will come down to the appearance and how that combines with the colors and styles in your room. Both metal and wood provide a similar level of support. Some talk about the risks of flimsy metal, but the reality is that low quality wood is just as easy to find. To avoid issues it is important that once you have identified the right material, you ensure that you focus on buying it at the highest quality. 

Take your time and make sure that you get the perfect bed frame for your bedroom. 

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