How Much to Tip Local Movers

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are planning to move, it is better to find a reputable moving company that will guarantee a safe process. Professionals have the right equipment for packing your belongings, loading and offloading, and transporting the items, thus eliminating damages. Now that you know the benefits of working with experienced movers and want to use them, you probably have many questions, like the overall cost of the home moving service. It is important to know that besides the cost of the services, you should also tip your movers to appreciate a well-done job. Although tipping is not a requirement, it is an excellent way of rewarding the team for their hard work. Packing can be tedious as it involves handling delicate possessions, sorting items, and moving heavy belongings. You need to know how much to tip the service providers and include it in your budget.

The Amount of Money Individuals Often Tip Movers

Tipping is common, especially in restaurants and hair salons, because people dine out and make hair regularly. The general rule for giving tips in restaurants and salons is 15-20 percent of the total bill. However, individuals move less frequently than they order food, so you may be unsure whether you should tip your movers or how much to tip them. Tips are not mandatory; therefore, you can decide the ideal amount depending on your circumstances. You may tip the professionals a flat rate or a percentage of the total service cost. Most individuals usually tip a mover $4-$5per hour or tip the whole team 5-10 percent of the overall moving cost.

Essential Factors to Determine How Much to Tip Movers

Although there is a general rule of thumb for tipping movers, you can also tip the team depending on a few factors outlined below.

Quality of Service

The quality of the moving service is a critical factor that can help you decide how much to tip the mover. For instance, if the standard tip for a local move is $20 per mover, you may increase the tip amount if the services are exceptional. 

Relocation Difficulty

If your move involves moving a lot of heavy items like furniture, navigating a flight of stairs, or the outdoors has steep hills, it will make the move difficult. As a result, the movers will have to work harder and may take a lot of time, so you need to tip them accordingly. Additionally, the weather conditions during your move should help you decide how much to tip movers. 

Efficiency and Punctuality

If the movers observed the schedule and were efficient, you should reward them handsomely. On the contrary, you should limit the tip amount if they come late and lack the appropriate equipment for the move. 

Other benefits

You may have treated the moving crew to a nice lunch or provided drinks to show appreciation, so they may not expect you to tip them, or you can give a little tip.


Tipping is a great way to appreciate movers appropriately handling your property and family. If movers offer impeccable services, you should give them a larger tip to acknowledge their good work. It is best to tip the movers using cash at the end of the moving process.

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