What Are The Basic Needs Of Your Cat And Where To Get Them?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you’re an animal lover, then you understand the joy of finally getting a pet for yourself or even for your family. They’re pretty much like nature’s antidepressants! And they’re also pretty much like having a baby as well. You have to take care of them properly and tend to their needs, and pay attention to their actions and give them attention so that they don’t feel neglected and get depressed.

So if you’re planning on introducing a new feline friend into your family, it’s important that you are updated on what their basic needs are and where you need to get them from to ensure that you’re getting the best quality as well. Get into some proper research to understand how they work and what their needs are. There are plenty of reviews at FelineLiving.net that offer a bit of insight into a couple of topics that will really help you understand your furry friend. And keep reading so that you can have a better understanding of the essentials as well.


Cats have different feeding methods at different ages, so you need to understand how doing this correctly from your vet. But the basics are, you need wet food and dry food. It’s advisable that if you’re new to this, then you do a bit of research online first before you decide on which brand to use. Take your vet’s advice, and also have a look at a couple of reviews. There are forums that you can join so that you can get other pet owners first hand opinions as well. It’s important for you to know where the pet shops are in your area, so scope that out in case you need to get food in any kind of emergency. Otherwise, if you know which brand you’re after, then you can even order online. Sometimes there are some really good offers and deals with these websites, but they have to be reliable though.

Medical Care

Just like getting your kids checked up on a regular basis, you have to do the same with your cat. You generally need to take them to the vet once a month for their shots and general vaccines and deworming as well. It’s advisable that you find a vet that is within your area because this is the most convenient thing to do. Especially if there’s any kind of emergency situation. You need to ensure that it is a reliable clinic and that you check out reviews so that you can be at ease. You also should have their contact info such as email or personal phone numbers.


Grooming is something that is essential for cats. While they do know how to tend to themselves in terms of keeping their coats clean, it’s important that you go that extra mile and have them groomed regularly. This included having their nails trimmed, so that they don’t harm the kids or ruin your furniture. It’s very important that you take care of their fur, so try your best to give some time brushing their hair at least every 2 days, so that there’s no risk of clumping, which can be very uncomfortable for them or may even lead to skin diseases and rashes. You also want to have them bathed every month or every 2 months in the summer, and try to refrain from a full shower in the winter so they don’t catch a cold. You can either do this yourself if you know how, or you can have the vet do it for you. There are also grooming services that you can find online that either operate from vehicles or they can come to your house themselves and groom your feline friend in the comfort of your home.

Stimulating Environment

If you’re getting a cat then you have to make sure that they stay entertained so that they don’t become depressed and also so that they can stay active in order to be healthy. You can either go to the pet store or look at online pet stores for the variety of options available. Think about getting them a scratching post and toys that they can play with as well. Keep in mind that cats love to challenge themselves by climbing onto different surfaces, so be careful that there is no risk of tipping anything over that might cause harm.

Kitty Litter

There are a couple of options when it comes to where you kitty will be using the bathroom. You can get the standard deep plastic container and a shovel to clean it out, or you can look into the fancier options, such as the covered pan, which gives the cat privacy and keeps odors out if you’re not using an odorless sand. There is also the self cleaning kind if you really want to go all out. You can always find the different varieties of kitty litter and pans online and at your local pet store.


It’s extremely important for you to have a carrier because you will need to be moving your cat around when taking them to visit the vet, and let’s say you plan to go away with the family, you will either want to take your cat with you or perhaps have a friend take care of them for you, and you will need to have a carrier to transport them. Unless you’re absolutely certain about the right size for your cat, it’s probably a better idea to go and buy it from the pet store so you can see how big it is and if it will be comfortable for your little one.

Having a cat is a lifelong friendship and a welcome addition to any family because they really are special. And it’s important that you have all the essentials in place so that you can have a happy cat and don’t have to stress about whether something is not being done right or is missing from your kitty’s life. Always look into different reviews and articles about cats so that you’re always updated about the latest products and what you should be doing to keep your cat healthy and happy.

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