What You Should Include in an Engagement Announcement

posted by Chris Valentine

An engagement announcement is made by a couple who wants to inform their family and friends about their wedding. This announcement is done through writings, which are presented in a card or a newspaper. Your announcement card should contain several things, such as names of the couple, a beautiful picture of the couple, the place or venue of their wedding, and whoever will host the wedding ceremony. It may also entail the invited guest of honor and a map entailing the directions to the venue. Using Mixbook is the best way of preparing presentable engagement announcements cards. Below are things you should consider including in the engagement card.

Things You Should Write in an Engagement Card

There are thousands of things you can include in an engagement announcement card. Some of these things include:

  •       Announce a goodbye to single life. Being together with your lover is something that you dreamt of all the time. You always wished the moment of staying alone to end and be spending your time with your love. In the engagement announcement, you can say how you are happy to leave the single life and start another life.
  •       Include an adventure photo. You and your lover may be very good at adventures such as swimming in rivers and ocean beaches, mountain climbing, or visiting different countries. Your lover may have proposed to you through a drawing on the sand on a beach. It is essential to include such a photo in your engagement card to act as a remembrance. You can include several photos that you like most so that your friends and family members can feel the love and motivation.
  •       Make use of love quotes. Love messages and quotes signify the love that has brought you together. You can include several love messages that your closest friends and family members will be happy with.
  •       Include a picture of two rings. Two rings manifest that two people are getting married. This picture of two rings should be very communicative to those who will attend your wedding. Including two doves holding the two rings with their beak shows peace and love.
  •       Show your joy. Planning to live with your lover should bring a sense of joy. Through writings, you are supposed to extend joy to your friends, parents, and family members. It is also important to show the trustees how your lover was happy when you said “yes” and also how you had joyful tears after your lover asked you, “Will you marry me?”. Sharing these moments in your engagement announcement card lets your loved ones join in your joy.

Being creative when designing an engagement card portrays your happiness to every person who comes across the card. Selecting the best designer is the first step you should consider. Mixbook is a company that uses the best of its knowledge to design an engagement card for you. Consult them today and enjoy a beautiful engagement card.

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