3 Important Benefits of Marriage Counselling Every Couple Should Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Not sure if marriage counseling if for you and your spouse? Marriage Counselling can help most marriages. Discover the five biggest benefits of marriage counseling now.

Every year in the United States, 2.3 million couples tie the knotUnfortunately, a good number of these marriages won’t go all the way. About half of all marriages in the country end in divorce or separation.


If you’re yet to marry, this stat is enough to make you grow cold feet. And if you’re in a troubled marriage, you could be weighing your options. This is where marriage counseling comes in handy. It addresses a range of marital issues, from communication problems to anger and sex.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of marriage counseling.

  1. Conflict Resolution

One thing is certain in marriage: conflict.

You know how it goes. You and your partner disagree on an issue. Perhaps your partner didn’t kiss you goodbye when leaving to work or they came home late and didn’t bother to offer an apology or explanation. Before you know it, you’re not talking to each other.

In marriage, even a petty issue can quickly morph into a major conflict.

A marriage counselor will help you to learn the art of conflict resolution. By the end of your program, you’ll know how to spot issues and address them before things get out of hand.

  1. Improve Your Sex Life

Aha, let’s tackle the elephant in the room.

If you’ve been married for at least a couple of years, you’re probably having lousy sex or none at all. But in the early days of your marriage, sex was all steamy and fulfilling.

What changed?

Well, specific reasons vary from marriage to marriage, but what we do know is bad sex can lead to anger, hurt and even separation.

If this is what you’re experiencing, or your marriage is steady but the sex isn’t exciting anymore, you can get help from a marriage counselor. This professional will enhance your understanding of marital sex and help you find ways to rekindle your sex life.

  1. Develop a Better Understanding of Your Spouse

“I don’t know who you are”

“You’re not the person I married”

These are statements you’re likely to hear when a marriage hits the rocks. True or not, it’s possible to start feeling that you don’t know your spouse anymore – and there’s a good chance they’re feeling that way. Perhaps you no longer do the things you used to do as a couple, or your partner has acquired new habits or characteristics that don’t please you.

Regardless of what led to what you’re feeling right now, you have three options: Put up with the situations, file for divorce, or head to a marriage counselor. We recommend marriage counseling, and for good reason. A counselor gives you and your spouse an environment to speak up and express your feelings, needs, and desires. This is an opportunity to listen to your spouse and understand them better, and it could be what you need to revive your marriage.

Finding the Right Marriage Counselor

Now that you know how a marriage counselor will benefit you, focus on finding a good fit. Start by doing a local search on the internet. If you’re in Denver for instance, look up “marriage counseling Denver.”

The search will reveal a number of top counselors in your area. Next, draw up a list of your picks and evaluate their reputation and experience to find the best.

Reap the Benefits of Marriage Counselling

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it’s not without its fair share of up and downs. Luckily, marriage counselors are always there to help you smooth things out.

You just have to take a bold step and find one, because only then would you reap the benefits of marriage counseling.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights about love and marriage.

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