How to Create a Good Relationship with Your Teenage Daughter

posted by Chris Valentine

When you had your daughter, you must have thought about the fact that one day she would be a teenager and all of the things that you had heard about teens would likely apply to her. It seems like she has changed into a completely different person. The little girl who used to love stuffed dolls and My Little Pony, now likes Rap music and boys.

It can take some getting used to and when you realize that your pre-teen is gone, never to return and there is no going back. When this finally sinks in, you begin to see that it is you that will have to adjust to this new person.

So take a deep breath and understand that things are not as disastrous as they seem, there is a way to co-exist with a teenage girl and even have a great time. Here are a few of the things you need to do and remind yourself.

Give Her Some Space

You daughter is beginning to feel her own independence and will likely want to establish some boundaries between you and her. This does not mean that she loves you any less only that she is growing up and part of her DNA tells her to start gaining some independence. So when she pushes away she is only trying to find the right distance. Once she does, she will feel comfortable coming back

Make sure You Take Care of Her Feminine Needs

As she moves into puberty, her body is changing and she is experiencing new sensations and bodily functions. You need to discuss with her what is happening and why and also provide her with different types of clothing that can support and protect her. For example an important undergarment she needs are period panties that can help her to deal with new changes happening to her body  The period panties at Knixteen are designed to be super protective and period-proof, giving her complete peace of mind against period leaks while at school or out with her friends. They also absorb moisture and prevent odors.

You should also buy her a new set of bras that are made specifically for teens her age. These are more colorful and comfortable and will make her feel like a young girl.

Give Her Time to Adjust

The biggest thing you both need during this time is time. Give her the time to get things right. She may swing a long way in one direction and stay there for a bit and you may need to go and get her sometimes but just know that you were probably a lot like her and you got through it. So unless she goes completely off the farm, give her some time to get things right and you might find you actually like your teenager.

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