6 Reasons on Why Inner Peace Will Get You Ahead in Life

posted by Chris Valentine

When confronted with the meaning of life, people look for all sorts of answers to their questions of what their existence is all about. In the end, many reach the place where inner peace is the answer to all their questions. Inner peace may seem like someone is just standing still in their life and being passive. This is not true. Inner peace is, in fact, the pathway to an eventful and active life.

Inner Peace Boosts Intelligence

Inner peace has the potential to grow your brain both figuratively and literally. According to scientific studies by Harvard University, people who practice meditation that has the only goal of being attentive to your thoughts and feelings experience a thickening of their prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is important in forming what we know as a well-rounded intelligence including emotional intelligence, planning capabilities, making of decisions, and social behavior. Regular meditation for two months showed a visible increase in the gray matter of the brain for participants.

Creates a Better Reality

Our inner state is reflected in the outside world. What was hard to believe at first has been proven by science. According to Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist whose work as a scientist led him to an unusual finding, our beliefs shape our reality to the point that even our genes are altered from our emotional and mental states. According to him, you can change the way your very genes act when you shift your perspective. The programs that are written in the nucleus of the cells can be altered through changing blood chemistry.

Techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and positive thoughts can change your biology and prevent diseases that you had an inherent predisposition to acquire. Lipton goes on to say that the subconscious, not the conscious, is the primary driving force of these changes.

The state of inner peace helps you to gain access to your subconscious through the awareness of the small thoughts that go through your head on a daily basis. When you change these subconscious beliefs, you will be able to change what happens to you on the outside.

Boosts Immunity

The immune system is a complex one that has the duty to protect and keep the body in good health. In our environment, we are constantly bombarded with biological invaders that the immune system has to stop. The immune system functions at its best when the body is relaxed and when you are in a good state of mind.

You can aim to achieve a state of inner peace to boost your immune system. The process of letting go of negative thoughts, patterns, and beliefs on a daily basis has a big effect on the immune system. Those who work on their inner peace have lower inflammatory markers, have more antibodies produced, and slow down the aging process of their chromosomes.

Improves Memory and Focus

Inner peace and cutting out time to achieve it gives people more focus on other areas of their lives. People who practice meditation as a way of reaching inner peace show better results on test scores than others. When the mind is practiced to be present in the now and be calm, the authentic self can cut out neural patterns that are good for completing the task that needs greater focus. Memory improves as well when inner peace is present. These two qualities are enough to bring anyone ahead in their life.

Grants Happiness

This article shows the ways that inner peace can be achieved. Inner peace is important for your overall happiness. Happiness is not because of something that we have or acquire. Although successes are to be celebrated, true happiness comes from our state of mind. The happiness depends on the synaptic connections that the brain has created towards an inner, desirable state of being.

Rewires the Brain

The brain is not static. It can be changed at all points of life. Old habits and patterns of thinking are our greatest enemy towards moving ahead in our lives and achieving what we want to live a fulfilling experience. When peace has become the main pathway of the brain, the brain will be relaxed into leaving its known fight-or-flight phase in which it perceives the world as a dangerous place. This can bring lots of tension, anxiety, and fear in the long run. Inner peace allows you to remain calm and secure in all situations and react accordingly.

Change Your Life

Change comes from within. It is not about hard work or effort. The change comes mainly from a deep state of inner peace and connection with yourself and others. Give yourself this advantage and ease in life.

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