How Cannabis can Improve the Quality of Your Relationship

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s common knowledge that occasional cannabis consumption is beneficial for physical and mental health. It helps calm anxiety, it can alleviate pain caused by inflammation, and it’s also just a nice way to unwind after a long day at work.

But did you know it could also provide great advantages to your romantic relationship?

Consider the ways cannabis can assist your emotional, psychological, and sexual life with your partner and check out these tips.

It’s a New Hobby to Share

Perhaps you’re both bored of the bar scene — going out to the same places, drinking too much, and feeling the inevitable sluggish effects the next day (or in some case, the next few days).

You’re looking for a new hobby that you can both participate in that will bring you closer together that doesn’t involve alcohol and a pounding headache the next day.

With CBD and THC products from Blissed — a company that is dedicated to promoting wellness and self-care by partnering with market-leading world-class production partners — you and your partner can tackle activities from a whole new perspective.

There’s no shortage of things to do when you and your loved one are experiencing the effects of cannabis.

In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to stimulate those creative juices. Start collecting old magazines and engage in weekly collage-making sessions, find a coding language to learn together and build a website — there are so many creatives you can do at home.

Studies have shown that, when you use CBD, the blood flow to the frontal lobe in brains increases.

This increased blood flow has been noted in highly creative individuals when compared to peers with lower creativity.

Indulge in some CBD products and get creative together!

It Helps You Enjoy Food Together

It’s no myth that cannabis makes food smell and taste in better — it’s a fact that is deeply rooted in science.

The interaction between the brain’s olfactory bulb and THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis) is what causes the desire to consume food in cannabis users.

This is where cannabis amplifies the sense of smell, which stimulates users’ appetites and makes food more attractive.

Why not use this opportunity to connect with your partner and make a delicious meal together? Cooking is a great way to connect, especially if your senses are already heightened.

It Can Contribute to a Better Sex Life

Cannabis can improve sexual arousal and can heighten your sense of the physical sensation. There are fewer inhibitions when partners ingest cannabis before sex and this allows them to relax and enjoy each other a little more.

Experts believe this is because of the capacity for cannabis to lower stress and anxiety, which enhances your confidence and inclination to experiment in the bedroom.

Others link it to how cannabis interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. A few of these are located in parts of the brain and are tasked for regulating the hormones that play crucial roles in sexual behaviour.

Regardless of how it works, any shyness or self-consciousness you may have felt in the bedroom before? Those inhibitions will be long gone when you use cannabis products such as a high CBD oil before jumping into the sack.

Connect with your partner in a more meaningful and deeper way than you have in the past. Rediscover how much you mean to one another with cannabis.

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