How to Choose Wedding Ring Styles for Women

posted by Chris Valentine

The engagement ring is around her finger. Your venue is in the books and the invitations are starting to arrive. You’ve tasted what feels like it’s been hundreds of different wedding cake flavors.

Now that the big details are pegged down, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding rings. Keep reading to learn how to find the best wedding ring styles for women.

1. Order Your Rings Early & Within Your Budget

In all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, couples often forget to order their wedding bands until the last minute. Most jewelry stores suggest it takes around three to four weeks for women’s rings and bands for men to be ready.

If you’re having your rings made by a custom jeweler, order your items much sooner than that.

The earlier you place your order, the more likely you are to stay within your budget. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the more expensive it is, the better it’ll be. Studies show that people who spend more on the rings have a higher chance of divorcing.

2. Incorporate Her Tastes

What kind of jewelry does she already own? Is she a sucker for anything silver? Or does she tend to reach for items in one of the gold hues?

Looking through her current jewelry collection will allow you insight into her style.

Is her wedding band a part of a set with her engagement ring? Or does she prefer the mix-matched style? If it’s the latter, you have infinite options for wedding ring styles.

The only guideline for mixing metals is to make sure both rings have the same hardness on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Choosing rings this way will ensure that a metal that scores higher won’t scratch a lower scoring metal.

3. Shop Together

Perhaps the best way to choose wedding ring sets is by going shopping together. Since you and your partner will both be wearing your rings for life, it’s a great idea to do this activity together. The chances are if you’re both involved in the shopping process, you’ll wind up with something you love.

You can still surprise her with a beautiful wedding ring on the big day. You don’t have to buy her a ring on the shopping trip you do together. Instead, use what you’ve learned from your trip to make an informed ring decision based on what she said she likes.

4. Consider Your Lifestyles

The type of work she does or the activities she participates in should be a deciding factor.

If her work is very hands-on and demanding, you might consider a ring with a heavier-duty metal. Platinum, for example, is a great choice for people with demanding jobs as it’s a heavier metal. It won’t scratch as easily as some of the other options you might see.

If you lead very active lifestyles, you might consider lower-profile rings that don’t have prongs. We recommend choosing a flush or bezel setting to still allow for beautiful gemstones with a lower profile setup.

Winning Her Over With the Right Wedding Ring Styles for Women

You already have her heart. Now you can really impress her by choosing the best wedding ring styles for women

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