Modern dating apps: an overview of OmeTV video chat

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you know that every third romantic relationship in the world today begins with online dating? Also, are aware that about 18% of all modern marriages are the result of online dating? It’s hard to deny that for a person of the 21st century, online dating is a great opportunity to maintain social ties, form new ones, get a chance to arrange your personal life, and find love and happiness.

Over the past ten years, the online dating industry has taken a huge step forward because applications and dating sites have gathered a multi-million audience, functionality is expanding, and there are more ways of communication. Today, almost every dating service has text and video chat. Algorithms for selecting a pair are being improved and are constantly “studied.” Sometimes, they manage to form successful matches.

It is curious that with all the variety of choices, millions of people around the world prefer the “proven classic” — random video chats. Why is this happening? Why is a random video chat better than the most popular dating service in some cases? Let’s figure this out!

What is a random video chat and how does it work?

Video chat is a site or application with a very simple function: it connects random interlocutors via video. This simplicity is the main advantage of this format. You don’t need to rely on any algorithms. No need to carefully fill out the profile and answer dozens of questions in the questionnaire section. No need to spend hours swiping photos of other users in the hope of a successful match. Here, you simply start a video chat, and after a moment, a random interlocutor appears on the screen. If communication for some reason did not work out, you can switch to the next interlocutor at any time. Very comfortable!

For more convenience, many video chats offer basic search settings:

  • geolocation and language;
  • gender of the interlocutor;
  • list of interests, etc.

In this way, you can “help” the system a little to find the best matches for you, but no complicated algorithms are used. This means that video chat will not cut you off from a significant part of the audience just because some algorithms considered these people unsuitable.

Modern video chat is random and this is why it is loved by many contemporaries. Sometimes, it’s easier to trust chance than some controversial algorithms. Yes, it works!

OmeTV: A classic example of video chat, its advantages, and disadvantages

OmeTV random video chat is a typical example of Chatroulette; minimalistic, easy to use, and intuitive as possible. The principle of the service is extremely simple:

  1. You go to the OmeTV website or launch the smartphone app with a similar name.
  2. Set basic search settings: country and gender of interlocutors.
  3. Click “Start” and wait for the connection.

OmeTV has a regular text chat, but most users choose video calls. Nevertheless, this is the best way to know the interlocutor and chat face-to-face. However, OmeTV text chat has its advantage — a built-in message translator. This implies that if you want to communicate with foreigners, but do not know the language, this can be a real find for you. Try it — you’ll love it!

OmeTV is a good choice for those who are looking for the simplest and most understandable random video chat, those who do not need flexible search settings, and those who are generally not too picky about dating sites. However, if you need more features, and the basic settings for selecting an interlocutor are not enough, we recommend that you consider some OmeTV analogues.

Popular OmeTV alternatives

If OmeTV random video chat suits you perfectly, you can continue using it while disregarding other alternatives. The main aim is for you to feel comfortable and enjoy meeting new acquaintances. However, if you feel that OmeTV limits you, and the selection of interlocutors is often unsuccessful, then it makes sense to consider analogues.

For our part, we are ready to recommend several alternative chat roulette:

  • Azar — is a combination of video chat, streaming services, and functional messenger. You can meet new people, communicate in different ways, add users to your friends list, share content, and just have a good time.
  • Omegle — is one of the first random video chats in history that was launched in the spring of 2009 and it is still popular. There are fewer settings for searching for interlocutors than in OmeTV. There is only a filter by language and a search by the list of interests. There is no gender filter. There are no official Omegle mobile apps, yet the site is popular.
  • — is a video chat with an exclusive gender filter that is never wrong. OmegleAlternative knows how to connect men to ladies only. The ladies must verify personal data when registering. There are no fakes, bots, or advertising accounts here. Additionally, this OmeTV and Omegle alternative online has a text message translator for your convenience.
  • Tinychat — is a video streaming platform where you can watch other members’ live streams or host your streams and reach a large audience. If you like this format of communication, we recommend you try it.
  • Chatous — is an app for iOS and Android that combines random video chat and messenger for messaging and media files. It is a good alternative to OmeTV, but with one significant disadvantage; Chatous does not have a web version. All communication in the service is carried out from a smartphone exclusively.
  • Tango — is a popular application for live streaming with the possibility of making money while using it. On Google Play, Tango has over 100 million downloads and an average score of 4.5 out of five. This says a lot about the App. However, keep in mind that the video broadcast format itself is far from being the best suited for new acquaintances and face-to-face communication. Perhaps, Tango might not work for your purposes.
  • Chathub — is a minimalistic video chat with language and gender filters. In fact, Chathub is simpler than OmeTV. It doesn’t have mobile apps. Fans of minimalism will love this video chat. However, it is unlikely for those who are looking for more useful features. 

As you can see, there are many analogues on OmeTV. Some of them practically duplicate the functionality of this video chat, while others offer original functions and many additional features. There is always a choice, and only you can decide which video chat will be the best option for you!

We want to emphasize that video chat is a great alternative to classic apps and dating sites where artificial algorithms decide your fate. Therefore, if you have not discovered the Chatroulette format to date, it’s time to fix it. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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