The Top 10 Hottest Seduction Tips for Women

posted by Chris Valentine

As many as one in ten women “never feel confident” in the bedroom, doubting both their appearance and their sexual prowess. The good news is, the same study found that 22 percent of those aged 55 to 64 “always feel confident”. But how can younger women achieve this same level of confidence?

What older women likely know in their years of experience is that the sexual energy exuded by seductive actresses and performers like Marilyn Monroe and Beyoncé is all practice. While these women seem to have it all figured out, they likely spend as much time rehearsing seduction tips to captivate their audiences as they do learning their lines or rehearsing their songs.

And if seduction is nothing but practicing the right techniques, there’s no reason that you can’t learn them too! Keep reading to find out our top seduction and foreplay tips for spicing up your relationship!

1. Seduce Yourself First

Before you start researching the best foreplay strategies for her, you need to seduce yourself. Take some time to consider what enjoy and what makes you feel good. Listen to your deepest desires and fulfill them.

Start by indulging in some solo foreplay. Take a relaxing bath and caress every inch of your skin. Slather yourself in oils and lotions, close your eyes and run your hands over every curve of your body.

Adorn your body with jewels and slip on something silky. Don’t have anything that fits the bill? Then check out lingerie near me for some ides. Touch your body as a lover would until you orgasm. Now, feeling present and powerful in your body, harness that power to seduce others.

2. Act Confident

Even if you still have doubts about your appearance or sexual abilities, try to push your inhibitions aside and focus on being confident. But, while confidence in the bedroom is always a huge turn-on, we understand that it’s not always easy to achieve.

Fuel your confidence with an inner voice full of positive affirmations and fake it until you make it. Turn the lights down low if it helps. Or, one of the best foreplay strategies for her is to blindfold your partner. They’ll find it incredibly sexy and you’ll feel less self-conscious.

If you’re struggling, imagine you’re Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, or any other woman you find seductive. Think sexy thoughts and move as they would move. But remember, as you watch your partner go wild with desire, it’s all down to you!

3. Explore the Power of Touch

Touch is a powerful seduction tool, and also one of the best foreplay tips for women. Just as you love to feel the delicate trail of fingers running along your face or hands around your waist, so does your partner.

Run your hands along your partner’s thighs, press your body against theirs, gently touch their cheek or cup their face. Sensuous touch like this creates intimacy but also heightens sexual arousal, especially when you pay attention to all the erogenous zones.

4. Use Your Voice

If you’re normally quiet during sex, it’s time to change that. It doesn’t have to be ‘sex talk’ – a simple, “oh yeah” or even saying your partner’s name can be enough to drive them wild.

Getting vocal is also a good way to make sex more pleasurable for you too. Tell them what position you like, let them know where to put their hands. Your partner will find your vocalizations arousing, and you’ll find yourself more aroused in the process.

5. Try Something New

One of the best sex and foreplay tips for women is to try new things. After all, nothing spices up your sex life like a little diversity, especially if you’ve been together for a while.

This could mean moving your lovemaking to a different room of the house, trying new techniques, or switching up your usual oral foreplay, missionary sex, and cuddling routine with a few new positions and styles. Trust us, once you start to diversify a little, there’ll be no stopping you!

6. Take Control

If your partner always makes the decisions, trying something new for you could mean taking control for once.

Book a table and tell them where to meet you. Choose a movie, order takeout, and tell your partner what time to be home. This new display of initiative and drive will be a big turn-on for your partner, especially if they’re used to you being more submissive. And, you never know you, you might get a taste for calling the shots in the bedroom too!

8. Compliment Your Partner

With your newfound confidence, seduction will start to come more naturally to you. But make sure you give your partner’s confidence a boost at the same time with the kind of truthful, heartfelt compliments they’ll love to hear.

Complimenting your partner’s technique or telling them what an amazing lover they are is always a winner. But don’t confine your compliments to the bedroom. Whispering into your partner’s ear how sexy they look while you’re in public is a great way to turn them on.

9. Play a Role

One of the sexiest and most harmless ways to act on your sexual fantasies is with a little couple’s role play. A classic is to pretend to be strangers and get talking in a bar or other public place. The thrill of seducing a ‘stranger’ is a different kind of foreplay you and your partner will love exploring together.

10. Start Foreplay Before the Bedroom

One of the best foreplay ideas is to start seducing your partner long before you get to the bedroom.

Before you head off to work, share a passionate kiss or show your partner a glimpse of your underwear. Keep the slow burn of flirtation going by sending them regular sexy photos and tantalizing text messages. We guarantee, your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you when they see you!

Seduction Tips for Women

With these seduction tips to guide you, there’s no doubt your partner will be putty in your hands!

But remember, whether you’re thinking like Angelina or pretending to be a stranger in a bar, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re the woman they love and want to be with.

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