5 Custom Car Ideas to Make Your Ride Look the Hottest on the Block

posted by Chris Valentine

Every year, people buy around 57 million new and used cars. For most people, everything after that boils down to maintenance or repair. They either need the vehicle for practical purposes or the car already meets their definition of cool.

There is a smaller group of people who look at a car and immediately think of car mods, car accessories, or car customization ideas that will crank the cool factor up to 11. If you’re hovering on the edge of that group, wanting mods but not sure where to start, keep reading. We’ll give you five custom car ideas to help enhance your car’s cool.

1. Personalized Plates

There are few things in life less custom and less cool than the standard-issue license plates that most cars sport. They often feature bland or even garish colors. Worse still, they almost never match or complement your paint job.

You can take care of all of that with personalized plates. Just make sure your custom plates meet all legal requirements in your state.

2. New Rims

While new plates are a good start, they’re pretty low-key. If you want something a little more eye-catching, it’s time you start looking at new rims. You can up your game with cool designs and chrome, such as the wheels offered by Enkei.

It’s a highly effective way to give your car some character without necessarily breaking the bank.

3. Custom Paint Job

Unless you shell out a lot at the dealership, most cars with a pretty basic paint job. You typically get one solid color. Maybe you get a two-tone paint job on a few sports car models.

With a custom paint job, you can get everything from metal flake and candy paint to chameleon and ghost pearl paints. You can even get a custom image.

4. Spoilers

A popular option on the list of cool custom car ideas is a spoiler or two. Rear and roof spoilers alter the visual profile of your vehicle, which can help make a humdrum car design pop. Plus, properly installed spoilers might even improve your car’s performance a little.

5. Exhaust Pipes

It’s not the most visible of car mods, but new exhaust pipes do offer one huge benefit. Namely, they can give your car that aggressive, full-throated sound that most people expect from a high-performance machine. Plus, fresh stainless steel pipes can add a nice visual accent as you roar away from other traffic.

Custom Car Ideas and You

There are as many custom car ideas as there are car owners. So, where and how do you start?

First things first, set a budget for car accessories or car mods. Knowing what you can spend goes a long way toward helping you pin down realistic mods.

Then, start small. Switching out license plates or getting new wheels can happen over a weekend, but installing spoilers or getting a custom paint job takes time. You’ll need a plan for that.

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