The most expensive cities to own a car in the United Kingdom

posted by Chris Valentine

Driving a car for most people is an essential part of getting about in their everyday lives. However, with the variety of costs to keep your car running and on the roads, it becomes an expensive luxury for most people.

Different costs can depend on what city you live in, so Kwik fit has created a little guide on the most expensive cities to own a car in the United Kingdom.

When we think of the most expensive city to own a car, the first place that comes to mind is London. The reason being is because housing costs and most bills in the city are more expensive than anywhere else.

However, it may come as a surprise to you that Birmingham is supposedly the most expensive to own a car. This is due to residents often finding themselves paying more than £1000 on insurance costs. As well as this, average annual spending on fuel is also over £1000 and when we add up the expenses of parking and residents permit cost, it is a total of £3,326.87 on average to own a car in Birmingham. This is a large sum of money and it will likely be more for people when the costs of maintenance are included.

The least expensive UK city is Exeter, as residents often pay just over £500 for insurance, which is nearly half of what people living in Birmingham are expected to pay. As well as insurance, residents’ parking and fuel are all at the lower end of the scale. Other cities which offer an attractive overall price for owning a car include Southampton and Newcastle.

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