Key Considerations While Shipping Your Car From One Place To Another

posted by Chris Valentine

While moving to another city, shipping your car to your destination city is an important task and using a car shipping company is a convenient and reliable method to get your vehicle. Finding the right company is a crucial task to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely. Consider following points and have better car shipping experience.

Research Enough before Hiring the Carrier

Make sure that the company, that you are considering, is professional and reputable. You can learn details of any company by reading customer reviews, reviewing social media outlets, and by looking at their website. A car shipper can be evaluated based on their experience, licensure, and insurance. All auto transport companies should be registered through the Department of Transportation by law.

Beware of Forge or Fraud Companies

Almost all auto transport companies offer a quote calculator on their websites to receive a car shipping quote. Every car shipping company’s quote calculators are not the same. These cost calculating forms don’t need any personal information and upon submitting it, you will be given your car transport rate. While checking these online car transport quotes, beware of companies that quote prices below the normal standards for the industry. The companies that quote less generally don’t provide the required level of service and quality so don’t get into the trap to save a few bucks. Sometimes even they come up with some hidden costs in the end.

Contact Company Representative

Once you are satisfied with the quote then contact a company representative with to enquire more. You can ask many questions regarding payment, insurance, and the overall shipping process. An auto transport representative would be able to give you additional insight into the company. This step will enable you to know more about their customer service, professionalism, and friendliness.

Be Sure to Book Transporters Well in Advance

Time of car shipping can take a couple of days to a week or sometimes even more. It actually depends on the location, distance, and way of shipping. Then weather can also be a factor. Be sure to book the transport company and then the move well in advance especially if you need your car by a specific date.

Check insurance coverage.

Generally almost all auto transport companies offer insurance coverage when transporting but still it is advisable to ask the car shipping company what is and is not covered during the transport of the vehicle as the insurance coverage is varied for each company. It’s better to check with your own auto insurance provider and find out what your car insurance provider covers during the transport of your vehicle.

Know the Contract

Be sure to thoroughly read all documents before signing contract with the auto transport company which is known as Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading is the legal agreement, or contract, between you and the auto transport company outlining the car shipping services. Don’t forget to see if the car moving company offers a trackable service, such as with a GPS system as it allows you to know where your car is at along its route. Its best way to stay in touch with the driver to get information of approximate pickup and delivery times.

Inspect Your Car before Pick-Up

Every transport company does a vehicle inspection before pick-up but ensure that you too go through your car yourself.The company will write a report on the findings as it is important for insurance purposes. Be aware and note any visible cosmetic damages, including paint chips, scratches, and dents. In fact, take photographs, from all angles, of the car and keep these for your records.

Remove Everything from the Car

It is recommended to remove all personal belongings and even loose parts of the vehicle itself before pick-up for safety and insurance purposes. Anything lying loose items in the car can cause damage to the car or the objects and in such case, the auto transport company may not cover damages caused by these items or the loss of these items.

Maintain the vehicle.

Make sure that that all the car’s fluids are filled to the appropriate levels before pick-up for transportation. The tires should be in good condition, make sure that they are in good condition and at the proper pressure. Also ensure that your car does not have any leaks and if it does have any mechanical issue and if any then make sure to get it repaired before the move.

Don’t fill up the Fuel Tank to the Full

Don’t fill up your tank prior to transporting your car. In fact keep your gas tank at approximately ¼ full as this will reduce the weight of the car. Otherwise also there will not be any need of gas as your vehicle will only be driven for loading and unloading purposes.

Keep these things in mind while making your car shipping plans and ensure that you ship your vehicle from one place to another with full safety.

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