Offroading in the Fall – What Not To Wear

posted by Chris Valentine

In a lot of ways, the fall is the perfect time to go off-roading. The temperatures are less extreme than the summer or winter, so it is easier to enjoy an all-day adventure. Nonetheless, the weather brings about some special considerations. The best women’s dirtbike riding gear for the fall may not be the same as for the summer. Here is some useful information on what to avoid wearing.

Don’t Wear Street Riding Gear

Maybe you are used to riding on the street. You have some awesome protective riding gear and the best OEM parts of Yamaha Bolt. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to cut it off-road.

There are a few significant differences between off-roading and street riding. The most obvious is that it is dirtier. Trails are in nature and come with all the dirt, mud and debris you would expect. This is especially true in the fall when rain can make the riding experience particularly dirty.

Another important, though less obvious, difference is that off-roading is slower. A jacket that is comfortable on the street may not be comfortable on the trail. The lower speeds mean less airflow. This can lead to overheating quickly.

In other words, don’t just settle for your street riding gear. Perhaps more than any other reason, you don’t want to ruin your cool-looking street getup.

Don’t Leave Open Skin

During the summer, people often like to off-road in shorts and t-shirts. This is not a great idea any time of year, but it is especially ill-advised in the fall. It is easy to quickly get overly cold on the trail if you get wet with mud or rain. As the temperatures get cooler in the fall, this can turn a pleasant day into a punishing experience.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed to get dirty when off-roading. This is even truer if you have upgraded your bike after picking up some motorcycle aftermarket parts on sale. As you shoot down the trail, dirt and mud are going to kick up onto you. Cover up so you can get cleaned up afterward with relative ease.

Don’t Settle on Protection

Similarly, covering yourself is important for protection. Off-roading tends to have more accidents than street riding because of the uneven trails. Due to the lower speeds, these are often less dangerous. Nonetheless, you can seriously hurt yourself if you aren’t taking proper precaution.

Again, don’t settle for your street clothes. Invest in proper protective padding, gloves and boots. Just making do with what you have is a recipe for easily-avoidable injuries. As the fall comes to a close and the ground starts getting firmer and more slippery, this is doubly important.

Get Geared Up

Fortunately, there are plenty of great and affordable off-road riding gear products. You can get yourself complete protective equipment and either an off-road suit or jersey without breaking your budget. With the right gear, you can enjoy your off-road riding in the fall significantly more. So, don’t just settle for less. Pick up the right gear so you can fully experience off-roading in the fall.

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