5 Top Accessories to Complete Your Look

posted by Chris Valentine

As a fashionista, you care about every piece that you wear. From your shoes to your outfits and accessories, style is all about putting the perfect look together. To help you always look amazing, here are a few accessories that you’ll want to have in your closet to complete your look

Camisole tops

When it comes to dressing for the office, you may have to wear formal pants and blazers but you can always have a little fun with your women’s business casual tops. Leopard skin prints are all in right now or bold colors can be a perfect way to express yourself even if you have to be formally dressed for work. If you have to make a great impression in your field, consider working with an image consultant who can help you put together a great outfit. 

If you can’t afford an image consultant at this time, subscribe to a fashion magazine geared towards professionals for ideas on how to update your look. 


If you’re someone with a lot of hair or keep busy and need something that is both stylish and allows you to keep your hair out of your face, headbands are a great idea. There are a plethora of styles that you can choose from, from full coverage to skinny headbands that are great for workouts. You could even use scarves as a head cover if you wanted to. 

Headbands can be that versatile accessory that helps to keep your bangs back when you want them out of your face while also adding style to any outfit. 


If you want to stay warm and look good, what more could you need than a scarf? Scarves can be the perfect accessory to brighten or dress up an outfit in the fall or winter so that you can stay warm while also looking great. From thick, knitted scarves to ones made out of a light material, perfect for the summer months, you can wear scarves throughout the year and accessorize your look with this unique accessory. A personal stylist can help you put together a great style for any occasion. 


From beanies to fedoras, there are plenty of ways to use hats to upgrade your outfits. A great style that many people love these days are broad-brimmed hats, reminiscent of cowboy days but without the cowboy style. 

Cute berets are also making a comeback and can be ideal for the winter months when you want to be cute yet warm. They can do a pretty good job at keeping your head warm while also making you look like a fashionista. A great move to make when shopping for hats is to either look for one in a color that combines with various outfits or choose a color that accentuates your beauty. 

Bold jewelry

If you’re someone who loves neutral colors and basic shades, bold jewelry can be a great option for adding some color to your life while keeping in line with your usual style. Long, dangling earrings can help to dress up an outfit that is otherwise casual. 

From bracelets to necklaces and earrings, bright colors or patterned styles can all look really great on you. Just be careful about the materials that you choose as some materials could irritate you. Shop around on sites like Etsy for original jewelry to elevate your looks

In Conclusion 

From your shoes to your earrings, everything that you wear can make a statement. Show up in your best light by carefully curating the perfect accessories for your outfits. Whether you love headbands or you prefer necklaces, there are many ways to look your best with the simple support of some great accessories. 

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