Follow the Trends: Men’s Fashion Ideas for the Upcoming Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

Summer is one of the hottest times for new clothing trends. Check out these men’s fashion ideas that will get plenty of attention this summer.

Many people believe women’s fashion is a bigger business than men’s. But did you know that,

on average, men actually spend both more time and more money on clothes than women do?

The world of men’s fashion is booming with options right now, so it’s not hard to see why men might spend a little more on their looks. In fact, it can get difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends for men.

We’re here to help. In this guide, we’ve pinpointed the key men’s fashion ideas that will help any man look up-to-date for this summer. Whether you love fashion already or are just curious, keep reading to learn how to stay stylish in the sun!

1. Shorter Shorts

Sorry, guys — the days of trendy shorts hitting the knee or below are over.

You can save your long shorts for the gym or basketball court. If you want to look trendy at the beach or at brunch, it’s time for a slightly shorter, more fitted look.

Expect to see shorts of all materials, including swim trunks, in this new, shorter design. Of course, fashionable guys have been wearing shorts like this for a few years already, but the style is finally catching on with the masses.

2. Sporty Sunglasses

Those specific-looking cycling shades are coming into style for every day wear now.

This might be a spinoff of the bike shorts trend, which is mainly aimed at the ladies. Sunglasses are an easy way for men to get a dose of the bikewear trend for themselves. Try this look for casual outings like picnics and happy hours.

3. Shades of Green

Various unexpected green hues have made their mark on the runways this year.

Neon green is super-popular right now, especially in sports-wear inspired items. For a more classy, toned-down look, opt for its neutral cousin: sage green.

You can pair this earthy shade with anything you like, making it really work as a neutral. It also easily works for work and play: you can transition sage colors from an interview to a dinner date seamlessly.

4. Casual Bags

An easy, hands-free bag looks way better than shoving all the essentials into your pocket. This is especially important in summer, when you might be toting around items like sunscreen and beach reads.

Luckily, men’s fashion trends offer a number of cool bag styles to choose from. The classic backpack or messenger bag hasn’t gone out of style. But a more modern version is the “sling bag” that hangs at an angle over your shoulder.

This trend appears to have started with a creative new way to wear fanny packs: by loosening the straps so they work as crossbody bags. But now, brands are also making sling bags specifically designed to be worn this way. These bags offer more room than the fanny-pack option, but both look very trendy.

5. Visible Socks

We suspect that this trend is going to get as many haters as followers, but it’s here nonetheless.

For a long time, men’s socks fell into two categories: dress socks made to blend in with pants and shoes and no-show socks made to hide underneath the top of athletic footwear. Anything else was a faux pas.

Now, however, having the tops of your casual socks stay visible is coming into fashion. This might be a riff on the “dad shoes” trend, taking the ’80s and ’90s throwback looks to a whole new level.

6. Cropped Pants

Don’t love the idea of showing off your socks? Showing off your ankles works too — and it helps you stay cool even in long pants.

The new, cropped pants hemlines actually look great whether your socks show or not. They make your shoes a focal point, so make sure to pair them with great footwear.

7. Bold Prints

Rocking bright, bold prints, especially on your shirt, is definitely key for this year’s summer style.

You can do the traditional bright Hawaiian-inspired design, or opt for something abstract, polka-dotted, or patterned in any other way you please. Florals are definitely in this year, so don’t shy away.

For extra style points, try mixing and matching prints in your look. A deliberate clash can actually look great if you wear it with confidence.

8. Plaid Pants

Wondering what to wear with your printed shirt? May we suggest a pair of also-trendy plaid pants?

Many plaids function almost like neutrals thanks to subtle color schemes. This makes the trend far more wearable than you might think. Plaid pants can also range from punk and edgy to subtle and professional, depending on the cut and color you choose.

9. Throwback Watches

The vintage watch look (whether it’s actually vintage or just made to look that way) is going to be huge this summer.

In fact, one of the top watch trends is a unisex design, so don’t be surprised if the woman in your life starts borrowing yours. That’s just one more reason to keep more than one watch around! Breitling watches are a great place to start if you want that classic, throwback look.

10. Subtle Sneakers

Will sneakers ever go out of style for men? We hope not.

This year, in addition to the clunky white “dad sneaker” look, sleek kicks in softer pastels are also taking over.

Think soft blue, peach, mint, and even pink sneakers. This gives a laidback, beachy vibe to just about any look, and the colors are surprisingly easy to pair with your casual clothes.

11. Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts weren’t always seen as a fashionable choice. But today, with luxury brands making shirts that sport everything from band names to Game of Thrones references, the graphic shirt is officially cool again.

To keep the look cool, rather than dorky, just make sure to pick a well-made shirt that uses quality fabric and fits you well. You can also add a few funny t-shirts on your wardrobe to boost your comical side. Remember, that fashion isn’t always about looking formal but being able to handle yourself with confidence.

Which Men’s Fashion Ideas Will You Try?

While not all of these men’s fashion ideas are for everyone, we’re sure you’ll find at least one thing on this list that you want to try. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with more than one trendy item at once, too!

Wondering where to buy your men’s fashion items? Check out our guide to the changing world of retail in 2019.

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