The Most Important Wardrobe Essentials for Children

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you have a little one in your life that just won’t stop growing? As parents, it’s amazing to watch our children grow right before our eyes and turn into fully functioning humans with their own personalities, dreams, and talents. As shoppers, it can be tough to keep up with their growth spurts and what that means for buying children’s clothes.

Fortunately, there are many budget-conscious stores where you can shop for kids clothing. However, there is never a substitute for quality. Building a wardrobe for your kids can be a challenge when it comes to finding the most versatile, durable, and comfortable pieces for them to wear.

You also want to avoid stuffing your kids’ closet and drawers with more clothes than they will wear (especially considering how quickly they will grow…). Instead, prioritize simplicity and space when picking out the best wardrobe essentials for children. From thermal socks to everyday clothes to the right types of shoes, here are some of the most valuable clothes for a kid to wear.

Footwear and Socks

Do you have an adventurous kid? Do they like to get out and explore the world around them? If you want to give your kids new favorite socks that will last them through the summer, fall, winter, spring, and then through all the seasons all over again, you can’t go wrong with thermal socks. Kids need clothing that is built to last. High quality thermal gear will make sure they’re safe and well-prepared for every adventure that comes their way.

As a general rule for kids’ shoes, there are really only two types that they will need (excluding winter wear for those who live in harsher climates in the world). Children really only need one pair of summer shoes that they can run in comfortably and one pair of school shoes that can be worn on special occasions.

Everyday Clothes

Sure, there is no magic formula that will work for the wardrobes of all children. This list of clothes and the recommended number of pieces, however, is a good place to start. Kids who wear uniforms to school won’t need as much casual clothing compared to those who don’t wear uniforms.

With the way kids wear clothes, you’ll need to be washing garments regularly and won’t need to outfit your child with and endless supply of outfits. At the end of the day, you can start a child off with the following essentials, from there, observe what it’s like to work with that number of clothes and be very deliberate about continuing to add pieces.

  • Six short sleeve shirts
  • Four long sleeve casual shirts
  • Two sweatshirts
  • One jacket
  • One winter coat
  • Four pairs of pants (one more formal than the rest)
  • Four pairs of shorts (one more formal than the rest)

The Things You Typically Forget

If these garments aren’t a part of the regular routine, it can be easy to forget how important they are until the second you need them. Have you ever been packing for a summer vacation only to find out that your youngest doesn’t even have a bathing suit?

Don’t forget to provide your kids with the essential “extras” that protect them from the elements and let them enjoy nature, too. A swim suit, sun hat, winter hat, scarf, and gloves are all important pieces. There’s no use stressing over your child’s wardrobe. Listen to their wants and focus on the basics in order to keep them looking and feeling fresh.

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