How to dress like a (modern) cowboy

posted by Chris Valentine

Dreaming of a cowboy look, but don’t know where to start?  Follow our tips for becoming a modern cowboy.

The cowboy look has always been very successful.  It is reminiscent of great western movies and is an invitation to adventure. But how do you dress like a modern cowboy?  Discover some tips and accessories that will easily transform you into a cowboy.

The cowboy hat

This is a must-have accessory for any self-respecting cowboy. Worn by cowboys to protect themselves from the elements, the hat is a distinctive mark. For this, it is better to choose from the biggest collection of cowboy hats there is.

Because it has to be personal, there are many styles of cowboy hats.  So there is a variety of sizes, materials and shapes available to you.

Whatever choice you make, make sure your hat is able to protect you from the elements.  The best cowboy hat has to be as practical as it is stylish.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are unlike any other type of boot. In westerns, it’s first by their boots that you recognize a cowboy. They are designed and designed for life in the great outdoors.

Perfect for riding, they even have a heel that allows the foot to stay in the stirrup. Even their size is not accidental. They are high to prevent the desert pebbles from getting inside. Of course for a modern cowboy look you can go for a simpler model of boots, perhaps with a smaller upper.


These pants have become a sign of relaxation, and everyone has them.  But jeans remain the benchmark item of clothing for all cowboys.

With a slightly flared leg denim, your pair of boots will be highlighted.  The combination of cowboy boots and jeans is the perfect combination of 21st century cowboys.

The cowboy has been exploited by some of the most famous brands of jeans. These are the pants that go the most naturally with a modern cowboy look. So put yourself forward with some nice blue jeans.

Opt for a modern cowboy look!

A modern cowboy look could be easy to obtain with a few accessories. Cowboy hats, boots and jeans are essentials, but there are others.

You can for example think of the bandana tied around your neck. Another garment that smells of the wild west is the poncho. But avoid wearing all of these accessories at the same time, if you don’t want to appear disguised.

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