Wanna know more about your celebrity crush Image search can help you in research

posted by Chris Valentine

Some of us are crazy about our favorite celebrities. We are more interested in their lives than our own.  Celebrities act as idols for people of all age groups particularly the younger breed. Teenagers adopt hair styles and clothing options after glancing at their favorite actors and singers. These well-known personalities have a great impact on our lives and we spend a major part of it by looking at them. There is no doubt that well known personalities have an impact on some of the key decision that we make. If your favorite actor does not wear black, you would probably stop wearing it even if it is your favorite color. Simply adopting habits is not the extent to which celebrities are followed. In most cases, the liking for a well-known actor, singer or sportsperson can develop into a crush. This is when we want to gather more information and details.

Which searching methods work best

When you have to search for anything using Google or any other search engine, one simple common method is followed by most people. They open the search window and type the relevant keywords in the given text box. Here, you may not correct all the results if the correct text based combinations are not used.

  • To understand how text based search has restrictions, let us understand an example. Consider that you want to know about the favorite dining options of a celebrity. People may use different word combinations including “favorite restaurants of” or “most liked restaurants” with the celebrity name. Each of these phrases would produce a different set of results. This is because when it comes to text based search, the results are produced according to the phrases used. This simply means that users have to try several word combinations to get to their desired results. Hence, a lot more time than needed is spent

Image Searching is more efficient and direct

Why is image searching more efficient if you want you find out more about the celebrity you are in love with. Here are some core reasons why image search produces better search outputs.

1.    Less time needed for searching

Suppose that you have to download an image of the latest brand endorsed by a celebrity. Searching through text content can be a problem because all online sources do not cover the desired angle. A picture is equal to a thousand words and this statement is not over stated. For instance, if you visit the website of the desired brand, it Is not necessary that images of the endorsement may be available on it. This option does not work if you have less time on your hands and articulated information has to be searched.

2.    Image search extracts results from several websites

If you search for information through Google, primarily, there are two options available. Either you can opt for text content or browse through images. Let us go through an example to understand the difference between these alternatives. Consider that you have to get information on the wardrobe your favorite rock singer has.

  • Text based search would generate several websites on your screen based on the keyword combination typed. A lot of them may not have any information but the phrase embedded in the content. Visiting such websites and browsing through the content is nothing but waste of time. More than half of the links would not offer relevant data to you. In a nutshell, reaching to specific result outputs using this option does not work that well.
  • The second alternative is locating images. By looking at a picture, you can instantly detect whether the content would be according to your requirements or not. For example, in the above example, you need to check the clothing collection or a rock star. In a picture, if you see him wearing a formal suit or a pair of jeans, it means that the source website would have relevant details. Similarly, if he is eating a meal in a picture, it may not offer the needed details. Comparing image search with text based one makes it apparent that the first alternative works better than the other.

3.    Too much reading involved

Through image search, you can reach the right link in less time. This obviously is not the case when text based searching is being used. This is because the user has to visit each website that seems relevant.

  • In case of text searching, you have to do a lot of filtering. Simply by looking at written information, you cannot determine whether it is appropriate or not. In case of image search, you get to see relevant pictures on your screen. By giving a glance you can filter the relevant ones. In other words, this option would help you in getting data related to your celebrity crush.
  • Text based search can irritate certain users who do not have inclination towards reading. They would either skip content or ignore links completely. Considering this fact, image search suits them more as it does not involve any reading at all.

Reverse image search fine tunes the results

There is no doubt that reverse image search helps in getting celebrity related details in a quick manner. Through this option, you can view all the images connected to a famous personality in one way or the other.

  • The process is quite simple and you have to start by selecting a good strong reverse search tool. Image uploading is the first step. Simply browse for a picture of the celebrity. You can also provide the link of a published one. After that, click the “reverse search” button to check the results.
  • A good reverse search tool does not ignore any images related to the source picture. Hence, the time needed to search reduces by a big margin. The user does not need to go through the hassle of visiting countless links and then picking the most relevant pictures.


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