The Need to Know Your Body Type is Essential Before Buying a Suit

posted by Chris Valentine

Not all types of suits will look good on you. There are specific designs and trims that would be more suitable especially for your body type. Therefore, before you think of the specific aesthetic design that you want for your suit, you need to know first what suit would be best for the type of body that you have.

Tall and slim

Guys who are tall and slim should avoid fitted suits. They look good as they are crisp, but they tend to make you look stiffer. It is better to have something that adds more flow to the material to ensure that your physique will shine through. Besides, if you are trying to hide your lanky body, slim suits won’t help.

For those who are shorter, slimmer trousers and slim-fit suits might help. They can create an illusion that you are taller. You also tend to have a better muscular build when you opt for this type of suit. If you usually hit the gym and you have a well-built body, you need to avoid padded shoulders. Your natural physique already looks great. There is no need for you to add something to it or else it will look unnatural.

If you have recently gained weight, make sure that you don’t ask for made to measure suits just yet. Wait until you have stabilised your weight before buying anything that is fitted to your body. Otherwise, your body shape might change, and you will no longer be able to wear the suit that was just made.

Be specific with details

It is important to be specific with the details. All suits seemingly look the same, especially if you are heading towards darker shades. You must find a way to ensure that yours will stand out by looking at details. Linings could be of a colour that really pops. Stitching must also be given attention. Unique stitching designs may also capture people’s attention. Even the colours of the buttons play a role in shaping your suit. When it all comes together, it will surely result in perfection.

Don’t decide when unsure

It is totally understandable if you have a lot of hesitation regarding the suit that you are about to design. Seek help from someone who is an expert when it comes to suits. You can ask questions about what would be best for you. Tailors who have been around for a long time are already familiar with different body types and they might also give you the best suggestion for a suit that would look amazing on you.

Be patient with this type of suit as it takes time to finish. Once it is done though, it will surely look great on you and you will be proud wearing it. You might even want to have made to measure suits again. It might cost quite a lot, but it will be worth the price in the end.

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