Wardrobe Staples Every Guy Should Own

posted by Chris Valentine

Male fashion (mashion?) doesn’t get nearly as much play time as women’s fashion does, but there’s no denying that most females appreciate a well-dressed, well-coiffed man. Whether you have to give yours a push or you can just stand back and watch the magic happen, something cool happens when a man completes his outfit from head to toe. Are you more the type that needs a bit of guidance? Read on for more on wardrobe staples every guy should own.

What are some Wardrobe Staples Every Guy Should Own?

Crewneck Tees

Yes, yes, we know you love that tee you got at the last Grateful Dead show ever, but there’s a time and a place. If you’re looking for staples, grab some basic crewneck tees. You might as well get one in every color, as you can wear them with anything. On top of that, you can accessorize the heck of out of them—yes, men do accessorize! Put them under a sweater for an autumn day or under a blazer for a day at work that leads to a night at a Knicks game. However you choose to wear these, you need them. Trust us.

A Proper Hat

Hats intimidate some guys, but when one looks at the statistics on balding, it’s all the more reason to get accustomed. And ladies love when a guy can pull off a fedora, beanie, or cowboy hat for just the right occasion. Your hat can represent your personality; it could be a baseball cap from your favorite team, or a state pride hat that shows how much you love the great state of Texas. The key to pulling off a hat? Simply rock that thing with confidence!

A Suit That Fits

Fewer and fewer jobs these days require a suit and tie, but whether or not you work somewhere that does, you need a tailored suit (or two or three). You never know when you’re going to be invited to something that requires this (wedding, formal work meeting, etc.) so it’s better to have it in your closet and ready to go. And let’s face it—there’s nothing worse than seeing a guy in an ill-fitting suit. There are plenty of ways to know if a suit fits but when in doubt—find a reputable tailor.

Jackets for Various Occasions

We know everyone has different budgets but you really can’t make one jacket or coat function for work, skiing, and hiking if you get our drift. Any career person who lives in an area where it rains should invest in a nice trench coat. These never go out of style and will last you years. A jacket for outdoor winter sports isn’t necessary for your commute to work, so you should have some sort of leather coat, bomber jacket, or long coat for that. If you’re watching your pennies, buy these in the off-season—you’ll save a lot of money.

A Watch

Yes, we know our cell phones tell time, but if you’re in the professional world, this is simply not acceptable. You need a decent timepiece that offers just as much fashion as it does function.

A Bag That Doesn’t End in “Pack”

If you’re wearing a backpack into your professional job every day, stop that. A well-made bag can last many years, so invest in a good one for work and another one for outside of work. It doesn’t have to be the traditional hard briefcase of days past, per se, but it should look worthy of a work environment. There are plenty of options for men’s bags and, while it doesn’t have to be huge, it should ideally fit your laptop. Having one bag for your papers and one for your computer is cumbersome.


This might be a generalization, but women get more notoriety for their love of shoes. Whether you’re a guy who’s into shoes or not, you need to have them for a variety of occasions. Just as with jackets, watches, and bags, you can’t have one or two pairs of shoes that work for everything. You need a pair or two of nice work shoes, shoes for working out, and shoes for hanging around. While the variety among these categories is seemingly endless, we can only ask one thing of you—please don’t wear Crocs into the office.

If you’re a man who has a few of each one of these in your wardrobe, you’re set for just about any occasion.

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