Who said that only white diamonds are selected for marriage?

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s time to buy a yellow diamond. As early as the 1960s, the necklace of Tiffany’s legendary yellow diamond worn by Audrey Hepburn in the poster of Tiffany’s Breakfast began to touch the hearts of women. Up to now, this legendary yellow diamond has been inlaid four times by Tiffany, which has brought people surprises and become the top-one. Tiffany’s legendary yellow diamonds were exhibited at the New York World’s Fair in 1930-1940.

Goddess loved the yellow diamonds – if the Tiffany yellow diamond is just a legend, then more and more stars start to wear yellow diamonds on a daily basis illustrate the fashion of yellow diamond is really coming. From supermodel Heidi Klum to Bellow Victoria, they all chose yellow diamonds as their wedding diamond ring or for upgrade the diamond ring. A 100.09-carat Graff vivid yellow diamond sold for $16,309,420 at Sotheby’s Geneva auction on May 13, 2014. The unit carat price is more than US$150,000 holds the world record for the most expensive yellow diamond. From the perspective of investment, the return rate of yellow diamond is considerable. The increase is almost 40%. Many domestic top jewelry collectors have already begun to get involved in the field of colored diamonds. About couple’s jewelry, if you think like that, you are wrong.

When you first enter the field of colored diamonds, your understanding of yellow diamonds must not be so comprehensive. Here’s a guide to buying yellow diamonds. The first thing to do is to get rid of the misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding 1. As long as the diamond is yellow, it is the yellow diamond. Except for a very small number of Type IIa diamonds, almost all white diamonds contain a slight nitrogen element. Generally, a slight yellow tone can be seen in the white diamonds after the H level. The lower the level, the more obvious the yellow tone. The custom best friend name on necklace jewelry diamond that contains yellow tone at this time is not yellow get, such yellow can affect the price of diamond, the more yellow color, the lower the price. Only yellow that exceeds the Z color can be called Fancy, which is a yellow diamond in the general sense of colored diamonds. The Ellendale mine in Western Australia was once the world’s largest producer of yellow diamonds.

Misunderstanding 2. The color of the yellow diamond may fade. The yellow diamond will not fade. Its color comes from the effect of optics! Diamonds appear yellow because they replace some of the carbon atoms in the diamond crystals during the formation process and begin to absorb blue-violet light. Its color is naturally formed and does not cause any change due to wearing.

Misunderstanding 3. The output of the yellow diamond is very large. Although the yellow diamond is richer than other colored diamonds, it is still rare! True yellow diamonds account for only 0.1% of natural diamonds. The largest place for yellow diamond production is the Ellendale Mine in Ellendale, Western Australia, which accounts for almost 50% of the entire yellow diamond production. You may have noticed a higher frequency of yellow diamonds. That is because jewelry brands and jewelers have only begun to promote yellow diamonds in recent years. In fact, its reserves and production are still very rare.

Misunderstanding 4. The yellow diamonds are natural. Although the yellow diamond replicas are relatively small, but don’t take it lightly either. The yellow diamonds can be synthesized by artificial means, and can also be irradiated. The color change method artificially produces yellow. Therefore, when purchasing yellow diamonds, it is still necessary to identify the certificate issued by the laboratory or the authority, which is a basic guarantee for you. After reading this article, can you feel the investment value of the yellow diamond? It is time to buy a yellow diamond!

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