4 ways to turn your closet into cash this Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

Looking for ways to turn your closet into cash? ... photo by CC user smartwentcrazy on Flickr

When summer rolls around, I love shopping for a new wardrobe and taking plenty of lazy Sundays to myself to restock my wardrobe and to revamp my look. Heading out with my girlfriends for a spot of shopping, closely followed by a few rounds of icy cold ciders in a rooftop bar somewhere, is definitely one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Of course, there’s sometimes those weekends when I just cannot push my credit card any further, and when I am totally short on money. On those weekends, I have to bow out of the festivities and take stock at home. When that happens, I do one of two things:

  1. I get upset and promptly vow that I’m swearing off capitalism forever, only to be up at midnight shopping for dresses online at one of my favourite one retailers.


  1. I take a gung ho approach to the whole thing and set about revamping my wardrobe and my finances with a few impromptu garage sales and eBay sales.

I have found that the most important approach to the whole ‘short on cash’ thing – is to stay positive about it, and to realise that you really don’t need that many clothes, and that it’s far more important to have a nice selection of current faves, than a wardrobe full of ‘classic’ but not worn items. Be daring, be fearless, be bold, and you will reap the rewards. I want to share with you my top four ways to turn your closet into cash this summer so that you can enjoy a whole festive season full of gorgeous outfits and fantastic frocks.

Number one: Go garage

I’m not talking about the garage band thing here, I’m talking about the garage sale. In Melbourne, (where I live) it’s exceedingly common for people to just walk out their front door and onto the street and to set up a clothing rail with some loved but good clothes for passers-by to rummage through and possibly buy. I have had plenty of success, both as a buyer and as a seller, in taking and making here. I highly recommend this method if you:

  • Have lots of attractive clothing
  • Don’t mind what kind of price you get
  • Are happy to sit out on a weekend day and spruik your wares
  • Don’t mind bargaining with people face to face

Number two: Go eBay

This old classic. eBay is a great way for you to get some great money for your clothing in a secure place, with plenty of rules. I am a big fan of using eBay to move some of my classic items that are higher ticket, so I use it sometimes. I highly recommend this method if you:

  • Want to get a good price for some of your stuff
  • Don’t mind waiting for the right buyer
  • Hate dealing with people face to face
  • Have an eBay account with some good feedback already (as some buyers don’t trust non-validated sellers)

Number three: Go Instagram

This is a great way to sell to a curated audience. Use the #shopmycloset tag to direct people who are looking for clothes to your account, and simply list some of the pieces that you want to sell. This is a great visual tool. Once people bid in the comments section you can process the transaction through PayPal so it’s secure.I highly recommend this if you:

  • Have a great selection of cute, current or vintage stuff to sell
  • Are happy to post anywhere in the world

Number three: Go suitcase rummage

Have a suitcase rummage with your friends, and for friends who don’t have anything to swap, they can pay for your items. This is a great way to get some of your covetable friends’ styles in your own wardrobe! I highly recommend this if you:

  • Have stylish mates
  • Don’t mind not getting money for everything
  • Are happy to swap your items

Well, I hope that this has been a helpful piece for you. Good luck cashing up this summer!

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