How to Come up With Effective Custom Patch Designs

posted by Chris Valentine

Custom patches have a long and illustrious history. Heck, you can trace them all the way back to Ancient China and the origins of embroidery itself!

However, it’s only in recent years that they’ve seen a resurgence in popularity. Look closely and you see them adorning the clothes of A-List celebs all over the place these days.

Want to follow in their example and put some patches together for yourself? Let us help! Keep reading to learn how to create effective custom patch designs.

Pick a Theme

People create embroidered patches for all sorts of reasons. They might want something to promote their business, celebrate a sports team, or go on their Scouts’ sash.

Keeping that reason in mind is a mighty help when it comes to designing the patch itself. For one thing, you’ll find it easier to decide which graphics, images, and writing to include. Picking the colors (more on this later) and overall style should be simpler too.

After all, you just have to refer back to the initial theme for inspiration each time! That’s why we suggest thinking about your own options for the patch’s theme from the outset and proceeding accordingly.

Go Big or Go Home

The best custom patch designs don’t do things by halves. They’re bold, striking, and catch the eye as a result. This is for two main reasons:

First, they look better. Bolder designs stand out better, make a statement, and show off your unique brand/personality.

Second, they’re far easier to make! Unlike printing, the nature of embroidery is that anything too small or subtle is hard to produce. Excess detail will be lost in the process.

Less Is More

Simplicity is a central element of almost all high-quality design work. Too much detail always distracts the eye and detracts from the overall aesthetic appeal.

But it’s even more important when it comes to patches. As we just mentioned, complexity doesn’t work well with embroidered patterns!

Boldness and simplicity go hand in hand. Try to keep your patch design as simple as possible to deliver top-notch results.

Be Careful With Color

Another key design element is color.

Remember, you want your patches to stand out! Alongside having a big, bold, and striking design, make sure you pick colors that work well together. Refer to color charts, look into your favorite existing patches, and investigate the combinations you like most.

Want our advice? Consider contrasting colors (such as black and white, or blue and orange). This is often the most effective way to catch peoples’ eye.

Time to Create Effective Custom Patch Designs

Patches have been around forever and a day.

However, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity again in recent years. People everywhere are designing and producing patches with which to customize their clothes.

Do you intend to do the same? Well, we hope this post will help! Keep the tips in mind and you’ll be creating the best custom patch designs in no time.

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